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Snyder Does Good

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Old 09-22-2008, 03:26 PM   #1
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Snyder Does Good

Nice little story. From Peter King's MMQB:

I doubt many in our military deserve leave more than Army First Sgt. Mike McGuire, who is deep into his second long tour in Iraq, overseeing a platoon of men hunting Improvised Explosive Devices on the most dangerous roads in the country. I am so pleased he'll be coming home to the States -- to Missouri, his home, and then to a ceremony in western Pennsylvania honoring the memory of fallen comrade Allan Bevington, and then to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to visit a wounded man in his platoon, Nick Koulchar.

McGuire e-mailed the other day to say: "Getting out of here next week. Last time I was home was when I saw you at the game [a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium in the summer of 2005]. How about KURT WARNER? Yes, I knew he could do it again. I hope he keeps it up, not to prove people wrong, but to show how good he really is and for himself. He is fun to watch. Everyone here is eating their words now, You know everyone has 'grocery boy' jokes about him, but not me. He is the real deal. And the Bills. Remember me telling you the Bills were turning the corner? They have. Big time. Talk to you soon. Mike.'' Which brings me to ...

Good Guys of the Week
Washington owner Dan Snyder, St. Louis quarterback Marc Bulger.

The Rams, Mike McGuire's favorite team, aren't home when McGuire will be in St. Louis, but Snyder and Bulger stepped up to take care of that. Snyder will host McGuire, wife Pam, and the brother of the wounded Koulchar at the Rams-Redskins game Oct. 12. And Bulger, whose foundation provides care and R&R for American troops, will host McGuire at Rams Park.

You think those things don't mean a lot? McGuire, like so many of our soldiers, lives for the NFL, plans his week around it, talks endlessly about it out on patrol. And for the owner of the Redskins and the quarterback of his favorite team to take the time and effort to recognize him ... it's something McGuire will remember for the rest of his life.

MMQB cont. - Peter King - SI.com
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Re: Snyder Does Good

Snyder and Bulger should both be commended for this. That is a great story. In my opinion Snyder gets to much blame and not enough credit from the fans and the press. He makes mistakes and should be held accountable for his actions, but I don't think there is anything the man would'nt do to bring a Super Bowl Trophy to Washington. He has also been a help to the family of Sean Taylor, Joe Bugel, and many others.
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Re: Snyder Does Good

this isn't the first time he's done something like this. good deal.
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Re: Snyder Does Good

Peter King has really limited his Synder bashing this year. In fact after the way DS handled Sean Taylorís death, there hasnít been very much bad national press about him Ė only the local press is still gunning for him.
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