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Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Redskins Locker Room

View Poll Results: Redskins vs. Cowboys: who will win the game?
Redskins 119 74.38%
Cowboys 41 25.62%
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Old 09-24-2008, 12:27 PM   #46
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Originally Posted by GoSkins! View Post
It will be a great game. Cowboys light it up for 10 points early and then start to bask in their own glory. Meanwhile, they also make some mistakes early in the game that allow the Skins to stay in it. 17-10 (Cowboys) at halftime. Cowboys stumble through the third quarter scoring three more while the skins offense finds its groove (and the end zone). 20-17 going into the fourth.

Fourth quarter fight - Skins continue their ground assult on a tired Cowboy defense but can't convert it into points. Cowboys start finding Witten down the seam and put the skins on their heals. First possession leads to a Cowboys field goal. Laron Landry finally gets tired of this, makes a quick break, and gets the crutial INT setting up the skins final TD.

Final score 24-23 skins.

i really like this write up. good read buddy.

27-24 OT . . . . .

skins win on shazaam's leg and brooks hold!!!

go skins!!
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Old 09-24-2008, 12:29 PM   #47
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Pressure on Romo is definitely the key and Jason Taylor's absence really hurts there. These are the games we signed him for. However, if the rest of the D can put pressure on Homo, hit him, knock him down, sack him, he turns into a whiny, pouty, erratic little bitch and WILL make mistakes. That's how we beat them. If their running game is the emphasis and they gash us like the Cards did, this game could get ugly quick.
Pressure on Homo turning him into the girl that he is: 30-21 Skins
Skins D gets gashed by Barber and Jones: 35-10 Turds.

Dallas Sucks.
The eyes are the groin of the head
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Old 09-24-2008, 12:35 PM   #48
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Originally Posted by Buster View Post
This is the one matchup that a true Skins fan can never pick against their team.
And because of this...I am not predicting this week...there is no way in hell I can make a prediction about Dallas winning, so I'll take a pass.
Bad Things man, I mean bad things...

“WE TOOK HIM IN THE SIXTH ROUND SO WE'RE NOT SMART EITHER.” - Shanny on what the Skins saw in Alfred Morris
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Old 09-24-2008, 12:37 PM   #49
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

I live for this Sunday and every Sunday that we get a chance to beat the hell out of this team. It is sad to read some of the predictions of my fellow Redskin fans who obviously to do not understand that no record, no match-up on paper or home field advantage really means anything when we play them. The Redskins are the only team in the NFC East, that will sweep this overated, no-secondary having, circus with all of it's clowns and buffons headed by a Pillsbury Dough-Boy who cheers on the side-lines like a moron while Jason Garrett coaches his team. Jason Campbell knows what this game means, Jim Zorn knows what this game means, and yes the spirit of Sean Taylor will be with us as we completely dismantle Dallas in Irving, Texas, prime-time with the whole world watching. Redskins 35, Dallas14
Redskins Member since 1970
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Old 09-24-2008, 12:43 PM   #50
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Originally Posted by InsanePianist View Post
I made the Bledsoe sackfest in '05, but I didn't get a chance to go last year. Just made the bears game last year.

I have this one saved on my bookmarks to cheer me up whenever I am down...

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Old 09-24-2008, 12:44 PM   #51
I like big (_|_)s.
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

I think both offenses are going to score their points...

I think in a fairly high-scoring game, I'm going with my homer prediction. Redskins 30, Cowboys 27.
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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Old 09-24-2008, 01:44 PM   #52
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

The keys to the game are as follows:

(1) The O-Line. We'll be facing a good pass rush and good run stuffers. Our O-Line needs to step up and pass protect and finally start opening running lanes.

(2) The Secondary. We can't let Owens get off the line clean and run wild like he did last year.

(3) The Playcalling. I liked the playcalling in weeks 2 and 3, and hated it in week 1. I want to see us continue to use those bubble and flanker screens to Moss and ARE. Those plays are especially critical this week, given that Dallas has a good pass rush. I also really want to see Jason try to go deep at least 4 times this game. Don't let the Cowboys stack 8-9 gusy in the box.
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Old 09-24-2008, 01:45 PM   #53
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Dexter is on 980 am with Doc, and Kevin. If your a fan, you gotta' love Dex. He sounds......still, just like he played! Jacked up.
In his opinion, Chris Wilson is the best end we have to play against the Cowboys.
Dexter's formula to win:
1) Balanced attack
2) Put Jansen back in
3) Punch Marion Barber right in the mouth! It's all about intimidation!
4) GET ROMO! Draw a penalty if you have to, but let him know how it is!
5) Break some things, GET MAD!!
Goodbye Sean..........Vaya Con Dios
thankyou Joe.......
“God made certain people to play football. He was one of them.” – Joe Gibbs
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Old 09-24-2008, 01:58 PM   #54
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Originally Posted by Deb22 View Post
Just want to say..>I am a cowboys fan.....and I read here time to time and just wanted to say how refreshing it is to read a thread like this...just great fans...intelligent conversation...people that can discuss a rivalry with a lot of passion. So salute...good luck this week....been so many injuries everywhere this year just hoping for an clean, injury free game. Enjoy your week..your team. Also wanted you guys to know....just made a post on my own board...that we haven't forgotten Sean either.
Thanks for the post about Sean Deb22. He will NEVER be forgotten around here. Let me apoligize now, to you , not to them, for the pain and suffering that will be inflicted upon Romo and T.O. this Sunday evening. Up to this point T.O. has been spared the vicious and relentless wrath of one Mr. Laron Landry. That is about to change. Romo has been fortunate to have not taken a "full-on" hard hit by someone with bad intentions. Enter Mr. Kedric Golston. It has always been my intention to help the lost find their way in this world. There is nothing wrong in admitting you've made a mistake, in fact there is strength in that. If you ever feel that you've made a mistake in the team you endorse, you, as many other of the lost souls walking this earth in darkness and confusion, would be welcomed into the light that is known as REDSKIN NATION. With that said....Skins-31 Boys-20
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Old 09-24-2008, 02:13 PM   #55
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Let's keep the faith people, This is the first time in a long time I can remember us getting interior pressure I think we can get to homo. We just played 2 very good offensive teams, We need long possesions and bend but don't break defense. I see it just like last year when we went down there, They jump out early we come back but this time Jc throws a td instead of a pick and we win 24-21
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Old 09-24-2008, 02:57 PM   #56
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Originally Posted by Buster View Post
Tana looks more muscular today than a few years ago, maybe a little heavier too, and yet I think he is still as fast. Just an observation.

I didn't expect the Taylor highlights toward the end. When he died i was too shocked to feel anything... now I end up shedding tears every time I see him.

Thanks for the vid Buster.
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Old 09-24-2008, 03:02 PM   #57
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

As much as I hate the Cowboys and want us to win this weekend I don't see it - though I like our chances at home for the second meeting.

We won't get enough pressure on Romo to disrupt their ever potent air attack. On offense, the line will not give Portis any opportunities, regardless of whether JJ or Heyer gets the start. Still, I don't think it will be a blowout.

24-17 Dallas.
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Old 09-24-2008, 03:16 PM   #58
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

63-31 Skins.

I figure 3 TD's in the first QT, 2 TD's in the second QT, then 2 apiece in each QT after the half.....

Oh, ...your looking for a more realistic answer. Sorry. I voted Skins, but ...considering it's on their turff, their playing well, and crowd noise...I unfortunatly can see us losing. Having said that I also can see us winning if we can tune out the crowd, get pressure on Homo, hit T.O. and the RB hard early and often we might have a chance. I truely believe Dallas has not faced a defense like ours yet. Our D will not tire out like GB's did last week.

Honest oppinion....I actually think we are better then people think so I'm calling it even and expect a close game either low scoring or high scoring.
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Old 09-24-2008, 03:24 PM   #59
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Skins 31 - 28
To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered.
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Old 09-24-2008, 03:25 PM   #60
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Re: Predictions: Redskins @ Cowboys

Not on the fence there are you Monk?
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