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Om Field: A Rising Tide

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Om Field: A Rising Tide

Not for the attention-span challenged. Fair warning.

A Rising Tide
Sept. 25, 2008

With the Redskins facing back-to-back road games the next two weeks, against arguably the two hottest teams in football, it would be easy to shuffle past their last two games without pausing to smell the roses. The way I see it, football season—not to mention life—is too short for that. Those who forget to enjoy the journey ignore one key fact—none of us are getting out of here alive.

So … a midweek gift from life to you:

Stop it. “Real men” eat quiche, smell flowers or do whatever the hell else they want.

There an aphorism … “a rising tide lifts all boats” … that I have always associated professional football. Specifically, I have argued (‘til my fingertips bled) that what ultimately separates elite teams from the pack is the man they put behind center. That those teams able to land a true "Franchise QB"—you know one when you see one—quickly break from the pack. And those teams smart and/or lucky enough to then build a solid machine around that guy, contend for championships.

By the way, it’s come to my attention there are those out there who still dispute this Fundamental NFL Truth (shocking, I know), but we’ll let them slide this week. At 2-1, we can be magnanimous.

So for purposes of this discussion … while it’s far too early to say Redskins QB Jason Campbell has officially become That Guy, it is not too early to see the uplifting impact his play has had on the 2008 Redskins ...

CLICK HERE to read more.

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Re: Om Field: A Rising Tide

Pretty cool. The tide is definitely rising for this team. Offensively and defensively. I compare it to being on a surfboard and catching the "Big Kahoona". Not sure where you're going, but just enjoying the ride and feeling like you're going to end up in a good place.
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Re: Om Field: A Rising Tide

Good read. If we can beat dallas, slide past philly- we are sitting at 4-1 facing the rams, browns and lions. People no longer can say defense wins championships. A good defense with a great quaterback wins championships. While the jury may still be out on Campbell, I'd like to think he has 'it' as well as the surrounding cast.
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