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Does He Make You Zorny, Baby?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 09-26-2008, 07:54 PM   #16
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Re: Does He Make You Zorny, Baby?

I agree love Gibbs but Zorn will try to win and Gibbs tried not to lose.
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Re: Does He Make You Zorny, Baby?

i just cant over of the first game where he harped on JC when he wasnt able to avoid, reset and throw to moss. game 2, exact play JC avoids resets and throws a td bomb to moss. normally change takes such a long time its hard to really see it happening but with zorn you see the adjustments and changes right before your eyes. and his press confrences are so insightful, you wanna know whats going on with the skins dont miss his press confrences. i think he gives too much insight into his thinking and approach.
I second that . . . BIG TIME. I've never been more riveted by head coach press conferences. In fact, I often cringe when I think he's put out too much information. The media engagements are super low on BS and really fat on tactics. It's amazing. Sometimes I feel like they should be posted as podcasts on iTunes U under "Footballogy."

I'm just afraid of us losing a close division game one day, with Andy Reid standing on the other sideline screaming like Patton . . .

"Zorn, you magnificent bastard! I read your book!!"
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Re: Does He Make You Zorny, Baby?

That, my friend, is funny.
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Old 09-27-2008, 12:08 AM   #19
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Re: Does He Make You Zorny, Baby?

i also love the zorn pressers, and that's surprising that bill simmons would say that, since it's absolutely the opposite of the truth and what he should know if he had actually seen more than the 1st half of that giants game.
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Re: Does He Make You Zorny, Baby?

Originally Posted by Zorn on the 4th of July View Post
Bill Simmons, aka "The Sports Guy" on ESPN.com, doesn't seem to feel the love. This is from today's column:

I'm not posting this to hate on Bill Simmons, I actually think the guy is a fantastic sports writer . . . it's just surprising that he's so far off in his analysis of Jim Zorn and the sentiments of 'Skins fans. At least he picked Washington to beat the ELEVEN point spread this week.

But losing the locker room for good? That's incredibly off the mark. It's ridiculous. Bill Simmons must've attended the John McCain Soundbyte Seminar.

Jason Campbell is 9th in overall QB rating right now, and the eight ahead of him are all household names. This is not an accident. This team was ONE play away from being 3-0.

Poor Jim Zorn is doing just fine. I knew Jim Zorn would be okay in the first press conference, when he flubbed the team colors but realized that Jason Campbell has to squat too low to get the snap. Finally. Detail-oriented football.

Personally, I think there was something in the water in Cerritos, California in the mid-60s. Exactly what it was, I don't know--but it seems to work out well for the Redskins.

I can't wait for next week's inevitable "whoa-the-Redskins-are-actually-kinda-good-who-saw-THAT-coming" column, by Bill Simmons.
I keep repeating myself, but the way the media talks about our team, it looks as thought the sports pundits have watched only that first half against the Giants looped in a video three times, instead of the three games we've played.
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