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Fletch Leads

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Re: Fletch Leads

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
I was against bringing Fletch. Thought he was due for a sudden drop in performance and that his off-field leadership skills was blown out of proportion. Boy, was I wrong.

This is a true leader.

Fletcher: It's Time To Work
Coach Jim Zorn essentially gave the Redskins Monday off after the spirited win over Dallas. Middle linebacker London Fletcher, however, put out the word that he expected his teammates on the defense to be around Redskins Park to review film and sort out some mistakes. Fletcher expressed his expectation that guys come in on their own to watch the game tapes, and they are obliging.

"I just wanted to make sure defensively, we got that film watched," Fletcher said. "In wins you can overlook a lot of mistakes that were made that could cost you down the road and we had our fair share of mistakes as good as we played. We need to end the halfs better and also start the third quarter. Those are areas we're struggling with."

I asked Fletcher about the decision to just rush three men at the end of the half, going with more of a prevent look. Fletcher said it wasn't really prevent, as they were maintaining their normal zone concepts just with an extra defender deep. When Dallas got closer to field goal range he said they clamped down a bit in coverage, Fletcher said.

I was surprised they only rushed three, regardless, and Fletcher did conceded that the extra time that allowed Romo did contribute to some of the passes to Crayton that led to the field goal at the end of the half.

Rookie Chris Horton, who had another big interception but also blew coverage on the touchdown pass to Jason Witten, was among those who heeded Fletcher's call. Horton got yanked from the base package after that TD, with Reed Doughty regaining his spot. Then Horton was called upon with the Skins back in a three safety set, and he got the interception by manning Witten on the inside, then peeling outside into his zone responsibilities to jump an outside route to Miles Austin.

"You want to see those 3-4 plays in which you could have made the play," Horton said.

Fletcher: It's Time To Work - Redskins Insider
I was wrong too. What a great team leader and he's one of our best players. This isn't like the Wynn situation whrere you've got great leader but can't produce on the field. Fletcher is all over the place...making tackles, getting guys lined up correctly. WTF was Buffalo thinking?
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Re: Fletch Leads

Originally Posted by dan_snyder69 View Post
He is truly an all around beast. Why would the Bill's have let him get away? (other than being poor and stingy)
Beacuase they have a good young defense and they are currently 4-0. I am not taking anything away from Fletcher. He is one hell of a player. The Bills wanted to get younger and faster, and they have done that. I am not going to knock them for it. I am actually glad that they let him go. On the other hand I would not call it a dumb move nor a move based soley on money.
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