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Philadelphia Paper the Morning After

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Philadelphia Paper the Morning After

Heard Vinnie Cerrato on 980am this am.

A caller said how he loved to go to losing teams papers the day after the Skins clean their clock and read how it gets reported.

Vinnie said he did the same thing.

I went to the Philadelphia inquirer and found a goldmine of nuggets.

Eagles seem delusional in loss to Redskins | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/06/2008

Eagles seem delusional in loss to Redskins

Some snippets:
"HEY, 2007 CALLED. It wants its Eagles back."

"...everyone's favorite characteristic of that 8-8 team last season made a postgame appearance: The widespread delusion in the locker room that the Eagles were somehow the better team, despite having lost in a fairly convincing manner."

"Washington took this game, at least as much as the Eagles gave it."

"It can get late early for the only team in the NFC East with more than one loss. The Birds travel to face San Francisco, which also is 2-3, next week. Then they have their bye. Reid is 9-0 the week after the bye, but he has lost six of his last seven going into it. "
Frigging great.

Can't wait to do this every week.

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Re: Philadelphia Paper the Morning After

Here's another-pretty funny:

Eagles Blog

Monday, October 6, 2008
What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-Redskins)

On why, after 10 years, its still so difficult putting players in the right position to make plays:
What Andy said: ``
Its a challenge every week. Thats what makes it such a great job.
What he meant: ``I dont want to talk about that. I want to talk about taxes. And cheeseburgers.

On the Redskins running nearly twice as many offensive plays in the second half as the Eagles:
What Andy said:
``Anytime you end a game with 47 offensive plays and 75 defensive plays, theres a problem. We had way too many three-and-outs on the offensive side. In particular at the start of the second half when we had four consecutive three-and-outs.
What he meant: ``Im going to try something really radical this week. Im going to script the first 15 plays of the SECOND half instead of the first. Were gonna just wing it at the beginning of the game. Or I might have Christina Lurie call the plays.

On why the Eagles didnt call a timeout on that third-and-one play when L.J. Smith lined up on the wrong side:
What Andy said:
``It looked like there was a timeout called. But I guess the officials didnt see that part. The quarterback turned around and called a timeout. People saw that.
What he meant: ``Donovan signaled the official that he wanted a timeout. But you know how hard it is sometimes to make sense out of what hes saying.

On the possibility of the Eagles signing a true blocking fullback:
What Andy said: ``
Well see how things go here.
What he meant: ``No can do, guys. We just blew our budget on a new senior vice president of public affairs and government relations. Although Im not all that sure shed be any worse at opening a hole than Tony Hunt or Dan Klecko.

On kicker David Akers continuing struggles from beyond 40 yards:
What Andy said:
``His legs strong. Hes in a little bit of a slump right now. Hell pull out of this thing and be fine. Hes just gotta straighten it out a little bit.
What he meant: ``Were lobbying hard for an immediate rule change that would widen the goal posts about 4 feet. If we can get them to make it retroactive, were thinking maybe theyll change our 24-20 loss to the Bears to a 26-24 win.

On not throwing downfield much against the Redskins:
What Andy said:
``You dont need to have the huge plays. We had some nice intermediate throws. A couple were dropped. We just need to be more consistent there.
What he meant: ``I love the smell of a 15-play, 75-yard drive in the morning.

On why the Eagles have managed to scored just one touchdown in the second half of the last three games:
What Andy said:
``I have an idea. We just have to get it straight. Im not going to get into the whole thing.
What he meant: ``I dont want to talk about that. I want to talk about the economy. And cheeseburgers.
Theismann: You're wrong, the rule is wrong, the refs are wrong, and I'm right
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