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Om Field: Redskins vs Rams - Gut Reaction

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Om Field: Redskins vs Rams - Gut Reaction

In response to those who have requested (okay, chided me to man up and post) first-blush responses to games, I’m setting aside my self-imposed 24-hour Rule this week.

So, for better or worse, unedited and unvarnished, here are notes written during the game and a few message board thoughts offered in the hours after the game and earlier this morning.

From laptop notes written during and just after the game:

• evident early on that Redskins offense has little juice. Playcalling predictable and uneven, which is understandable when you can’t convert 3rd downs and stay on the field. No way to get into a rhythm.

• offensive line can’t get started. Doesn’t matter if against 4 down linemen of pass pro, or trying to open running lanes for Portis/Betts, Skins OL looks sluggish, like they’ve left too much of themselves on the field the past 4 weeks.

• simply godawful punting.

• dropped INT’s could be story of game.

• false starts - tired legs? concentration?

• fluke TD on Kendall fumble; if Skins lose this will be play of game. **** happens.

• Campbell just average today. Missed short throws, hesitation in pocket even after Rams overwhelming the line. Good day to scramble more. Take a couple deep shots to loosen up front 7. No cohesion.

• isolation on Torrence on big play at end. If that’s scheme by Rams, brilliant.

And some thoughts as posted on message boards:

• … this one comes down to the fluke TD on Kendall's brainfart, two other turnovers that stopped promising drives, and two dropped lost opportunity gift INT's we dropped.

No, the O wasn't crisp—particularly the OL, which looked like it never really got started after the effort of the last two weeks—but not even great teams overcome that many crucial turnovers and lost opportunities often. And no one with their brain turned on thought going in that the Redskins are a great team. Not yet.

If you didn't proclaim them great after the Dallas and Philly shows of strength, you can't now call them [crap] after the Ram letdown ...

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Re: Om Field: Redskins vs Rams - Gut Reaction

Also felt at the beginning that they were forgetting to get to the first-down marker on their routes.
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