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Re: Help

Originally Posted by NicknacK89 View Post
Hey guys, I'm writing a paper for my junior english class about tradition and i want to talk about the night when i really started to like the redskins and was wondering if you guys remember the details any better than i do because i was pretty young. I know it was a monday night game against the 49er's that went into OT and the 49er's had the ball in field goal range and were just trying to run the ball to get a few extra yards and they fumbled and the redskins went on to score a TD. I can't remember what year it was or who was playing for the skins or coaching so if you guys could help me out that'd be awesome. thanks
watch out for the run-on sentences when you're writing that paper.

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Re: Help

Charlie Garner (J.E.B. Stuart HS) is a local guy who had a good game for the 49ers. He always seemed to play well against the Redskins, especially when he was with the Eagles.
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Re: Help

That was the game that gave us the Division in 99'. The next week we beat Detroit and then went on to almost beat Tampa until Turk’s (R.I.P) snap was bad and Johnson couldn't handle it. That game still makes me sick! If we had held on to win it would have been the Redskins and Titans in the S.B.
The Buc's went on to almost beat the Rams but they couldn't score enough points. If you guys remember we beat the crap out of the Rams on Monday night earlier that year and in my opinion would have done the same thing in the playoffs. If we could have played a better 4th qtr in Tampa I think that year would have ended at the S.B.
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