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Jansen vs. Heyer

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-04-2008, 10:53 AM   #46
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Re: Jansen vs. Heyer

Originally Posted by Brokenstriker View Post
How good is Jansen in pass protection? I think the answer for any Redskin fan can be summed up in one simple observation. Renaldo Wynn, cast off from the Skins for being completely and totally ineffective as a pass rusher (and this being relative compared to the rest of the Skins' d-line) beat Jansen for a sack last weekend. Wynn ... the 34 year old, twice cut, Redskin reject cruised past Jansen. That's how good Jansen is in pass protection. He's a pass rushing slug with 25 sacks in 11 pro seasons, averaging slightly more than 2 per season. He has one this season ... against Jansen. No blitz, no stunt, no nothing except a straight up dash past Jansen on his way to sacking Campbell.
Thanks for making your way over Brokenstriker. Brokenstriker is a long time poster where Tom and I have been over the past 8 or 9 years and will provide some outstanding comments and opinions!

Good point on Wynn.
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Re: Jansen vs. Heyer

JLC gives an interesting observation on Stephon Heyer in his Post Live chat today.

From talking to guys on defense who see him in practice, they tell me that they can't bank on Heyer being a definite as a starting tackle in this league. He still has leverage issues, his backside gets too high, and he lacks Jansen's drive in the run game.

If Heyer was a given he'd be in there. Now, to me they're reaching a point where you might want to play the kid against some serious defenses and get a clearer idea (and does Rinehart ever see the field, just got a look-see to self scout). With the playoffs still a possibility (though a long playoff run looking highly doubtful to me), they may reach a point soon where they go with some youth and start, to, gasp, dare I ever say it, rebuild? You know, like every other pro sports franchise has had to do at one time or another.
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Re: Jansen vs. Heyer

i agree with that post. sooner or later you have to take your lumps, and find out if the kid can play. but the skins are still in it, so i don't see it happening just yet
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Re: Jansen vs. Heyer

Jansen is going to continue to take the brunt of the criticism because of the positin that he plays. He is on the edge and if you can't protect the edges in pass game, then you are hosed. Not only that, he let Kiwanuka blow right by him to nail Portis on that 4th down play.

Jansen is easily the worst of the starting 5 and if you are looking to improve that group, then that is where you should start.

The two guards are the least of our worries right now, IMO.
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Old 12-04-2008, 07:02 PM   #50
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Re: Jansen vs. Heyer

Once Heyer is 100% healthy, play him. Jansen moves to C or stays on as depth next year, his cap hit is too huge to absorb next year.

We loaded up on skill positions in the draft this year, expect to reload the OL / DL /LBs in April. JC will probably get an extension in the off-season and we have a solid foundation moving forward to 2009/2010.

Buges probably retires after this year.
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Re: Jansen vs. Heyer

The main point: lots of right tackles in this league are worse than Jansen, even with all the room to improve.

We should have made the switch at the beginning of November before the Steelers game, but now that we're this late in the season, I think we have to ride it out with Jansen. The damage done to the right side of the line in pass protection communication would be greater with Heyer in there than the one on one matchups we lose with Jansen in there will cost up.
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Re: Jansen vs. Heyer

There may be better , hahaha, there are many RT better than Jansen, younger, quicker, get paid less, and can pass protect too.
RT is not the hardest spot to play on the line, its fair to point fingers at the weakest link on the line. Jansen is fair game to any scrutiny he receives. His feet are cemented in cinderblocks. If maybe he would take the time to improve himself and get in shape he wouldn't be a laughing stock. How many times does he escape to Michigan and go hunting ?? He needs to be in the weight room not just in a room waiting being slow. But lose him after this year. Jon at this point in the season is on par with Wade last year and Jon is a veteran to this line years more so too.

Jon can run block but if all he brings to the table is being a mauler against CB's than we aren't missing anything in letting him go we need someone to get to the next level after flatenning a DE or LB.

Heyer can pass block better but that youth and his Wookie genetics prevailing.

Zorn is faced with the horrible task of renovating this OL b/c we are way aged and Samuels/Thomas are strong points about halfway IF AT BEST to retiring so we really need a miracle to fix that.
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