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Blowing out Detroit

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Blowing out Detroit

Originally Posted by calia View Post
Without weighing in on whether this is a separate thread from the Skins v. Lions "predictions" thread, I think the points that (a) we have to be wary not getting too cocky about playing a team like Detroit which is utterly desparate for a win, and (b) our offense needs to get clicking.

It worries me that folks are talking about the Steelers game already. Don't get me wrong -- I think we will win and will likely win big. And we should -- our offense put up nearly 30 points on much better defenses so far this season. But we've got to stop beating teams so soundly in the statistics category without lighting up the scoreboard. We can't let Detroit hang around like we did the Rams, Cleveland, etc.
Good points, but why does it matter if we (as fans) look past the lions and get cocky. Were not preparing to play them. At worst we may have to eat some crow, but that will be the least of our worries if detroit beats us.

I don't get why many of us think we have some kind of effect on the game's outcome. I mean I understand people beleiving in jinxes to an extent but some folks get downright ridiculous about fans being confident or "looking past" games.

F it. Not saying you, but you, and this thread in general, just reminded me of something that has been bugging me since someone mentioned that by discussing another certain team we were somehow empowering them. This mentality just completely escapes my comprehension.

I mean if Zorn held a presser today and deflected questions to discuss the steelers game, saying, "the lions are in the bag, let's talk about a real team" I'd be more than a little concerned... but I can't think that a fan underestimating anything has a thing to do with the outcome of a game.
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Re: Blowing out Detroit

FD ... Not saying I'm impatient with the passing game, i simply said converting key 3rd downs keeping drives alive to get TD's 2 put teams away... ... we can score so we should, and if we dont get td's more consistently i'd be worried.... and bitched about suisam missing a few here n there some of them costly in our losses.... i was saying we have the ability to put up that amount of points, and they will come.
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