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Hall agrees to one year deal with skins

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Hall agrees to one year deal with skins

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
And that's how he gets the picks and makes plays, by jumping routes in man coverage. I haven't read that he doesn't like playing man either.
Actually, I just read it in the "... Chemistry Test" article where he talked about playing so much man to man. (last sentence). The only thing that I can fathom is that he hates playing off of his man, but would rather press him instead when in man coverage. But even that doesn't sound right when you read this article.

"I just don't think it gave me the best chance to succeed," Hall said. "I like to make plays. I like to be in the end zone. I have to have the ball in my hands, and when you're playing so much man-to-man it's kind of hard to get interceptions, it's hard to make plays. I like to look at the quarterback, and when you look at the quarterback too much you get beat on comebacks and things like that. I was kind of suffering giving up those kind of plays to try to make plays."

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Re: Hall agrees to one year deal with skins

Yeah it was in the chemistry test article. Hard to link on the Blackberry. Sorry. He mentions wanting to watch the QBs eyes and make a play and talks about how much man they asked him to play in oakland.
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Re: Hall agrees to one year deal with skins

From the WP Article
Redskins Welcome Hall, but Worry About Portis - washingtonpost.com
In the first team meeting after the bye, Zorn encouraged players to reach out to Hall and teach him how the close-knit squad functions. "He will," Zorn said, "have to earn his teammates' respect
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Re: Hall agrees to one year deal with skins

I think Hall misspoke. I think he meant to say that he didn't like the "bump-and-run" scheme in Oakland, not "man-to-man." There's a difference.
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Re: Hall agrees to one year deal with skins

If you've seen his interview on Redskins.com he says the same thing (probably the same interview the "Chemisty Test" reporter got it from)
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