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Most Talented Redskin Team You Have Seen?

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Brad Edwards wasn't what I would call a monster safety, but he fit the scheme well and played smart. He wasn't a bad hitter either, remember that pop he had on Don Bebbe in the SB? He jarred loose a sure TD catch.
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man theres a bunch of players that are being aruged about in this thread that I have never heard of...looks like I need to do some research on skins history.
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Old 09-08-2004, 03:06 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by offiss
OK guy's sombody has to straighten the both of you out, Murphy was a skin from 77, to 84, dean, and coffey, were both drafted in 82, Peter's played with us from 79, to 82, then again in 84, and 85, Jeris White was with us from 80, to 82, Wilburn wasen't drafted till 85, Cutris Jordan played with us from 81, to 86.

The starting lineup in SB 82 in the defensive backfield was, Dean, and White, at corner's, and Murphy, and Peter's, at saftey, I hope this help's.
I agree but the statement was about the Pearl Harbor Crew of '82. It didn't exist untill '85. Cherry, Jordan, Dean, Willbon, and Green Tony Peters did not play as far as I remember in '84 and '85. He also snorted his way out of the league. Am I wrong??
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Old 09-08-2004, 03:18 PM   #34
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I don't know when it began but according to this old Washington Post article, Pearl Harbor Crew was around in 1984

(WARNING: Extremely disturbing content)

The Raiders' lead remained at 7-0 until Plunkett took to strafing the Pearl Harbor Crew in the Redskins' defensive backfield early in the second quarter.
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Originally Posted by CRT3
OK then please follow suit. If you can't name the players don't say anything. Pearl Harbor crew started with 3 safties, Mark Murphy, Curtis Jordon and Ken Coffey and that was from '84-'86 and not '82. In fact they really weren't called the Pearl Harbor till '85 when Rapheal Cherry and Curtis Jordan were our deep links. Coffey had snorted his way out of the league by then. Dean and Wilburn were corners along with D. Green. Curtis Jordan was the one who came up with the monikor.

So lets get facts straight if you are going to make a statement like this.
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