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Redskins vs. Giants Official Game Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-01-2008, 12:42 AM   #751
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Re: Redskins vs. Giants Official Game Thread

Originally Posted by Sheriff Gonna Getcha View Post
We should have listened to you and thrown Brennan into the fire. We all know every late round rookie QB is a Tom Brady.
Lol funny...But like i said we can't fully blame Campbell. Yet if Colt isn't afraid to throw it pass 6 yards then he has my vote.
I laugh at you Colt Brennan haters. You're the same guys who didn't wanna bench Brunell for Campbell. The tables will turn.
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Old 12-01-2008, 12:19 PM   #752
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Re: Redskins vs. Giants Official Game Thread

Originally Posted by LMsexyAO View Post
Sorry Sean... redskins just spit on your memory 2 years in a row
Stupid, asinine comment.

All this does is prove how much Sean meant to us as a player. He would have greatly helped the team on the field this week...and every week.
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Re: Redskins vs. Giants Official Game Thread

I said that JC is just average, and I stand behind what I said. Not every above average QB in history has had a great offensive line. One that gave the QB 5 or more seconds to throw the ball. JC has proven time and time again that when he is pressured he folds up like a cheap lawn chair. He cant scramble, he does has a little sucess running when the whole middle of the field opens up. He has no skill at extending a play. Our recievers have about 3 seconds to get open, if they dont get open in three seconds the play is over. The staff know this, thats why we see so many slants and screens. Now its not all JC'S fault. The play calling does not play to his strenghts. Hes athlectic, weres the bootleg? We never see it! It would extend the play a few more seconds. Why dont we keep these stellar defenses off balance with the hurry up. No one knows!!!! Its because JC cant handle the offense he has now much less take on more. I never said That Colt was the answer...What I said was when the playoff run is over, let the rookies have it to see what we have....Im not frustrated, Im a lifelong skins fan. Im used to the ups and downs. At this point I would rather see us play at our level rather then overachieve and get caught up a year from now with the same talent holding our jocks and saying "We thought we were a better team". Lets find out what we have now. Im sorry if im off base, its possible (propable). Its my opinion and I take this shit to bed with me every night every week and I cant wait for next sunday!
Although these are trying times..I'm actually happy to be right here, right now with the Redskins. I'm standing by our owner. Joe Gibbs instilled Dan Snyder with the tools to do the right thing. We will return to the glory days!
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