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RI: What Moves Will Offseason Bring?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: RI: What Moves Will Offseason Bring?

Originally Posted by 53Fan View Post
I understand what your saying Goat. I'm kinda baffled myself. I'm getting the feeling they want more picks and they feel Los or Tana give them the best chances for 2nd round picks. Who they plan on replacing them with, I'm not sure. I understand Blache may have a beef with Los, but is that reason enough to trade him? I would expect Los to have a hell of a year next year considering he'll be in a contract year and then could be franchized the next depending on whether the owners come to an agreement or not with the union. What if he proves he's worth a big contract next year and then Gray becomes DC? We know Los is close with Gray. Then again, maybe they've already decided he's not the corner they thought he'd be, and have decided to give up the kinda of money he's expected to ask to a proven FA and get a draft pick for him while they can. Any way you look at it, it sounds like a lot of speculation to me. I can only hope our speculation "skills" have improved from the past.
Baffled is the word man, exactly what I was trying to get at. Way I see it if we trade Los we need to go out and get another starter quality DB because best case we've got Hall/Springs and Springs just can't be counted on to play 16 strong games at CB. Soooo... we either pay FA money for someone or draft another CB. Sure as hell can't justify our 1st pick on another starter for the secondary since we have big needs @ o-line and possibly OLB depending on the Marcus situation. Really, really bizarre IMO. If this Los things turns out to be nothing but rumors I'm not reading another JLC article. EVER.
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Re: RI: What Moves Will Offseason Bring?

Trading Moss. I'm not sure. I like him. He's our best wideout. However, if the team is looking to build for the future, would it be bad if he were traded for a pick that turned into Percy Harvin or Hakim Nicks? They're both projected n the first round, but could slide. I wouldn't necessarily want to part with Moss, but if it netted a quality player I wouldn't look back and cry about it three years down the road.
Build this team through the draft, please! Starting with both lines. A dynasty is not a bad thing to shoot for!
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Re: RI: What Moves Will Offseason Bring?

We need to make sure D Hall gets re-signed.


Santana Moss might be getting older.. but his skills or speed havent diminished. I wouldnt trade Moss for ANY DRAFT PICK.

And i dont know if its the year to completely fall out of Free Agency. We could use somebody out there, i mean.. not all of our Free Agent pickups were a bust.

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Re: RI: What Moves Will Offseason Bring?

Originally Posted by The Goat View Post
JLC'S comments re Los are pissing me off. He's not backing them up w/ anything, especially some kind of logic for the trade. First off, talk about horrible value. We spend a 9th overall pick and dump the guy for a 2nd rounder after a strong come-back season... stupid. And what will we do at corner? It would be unforgivably irresponsible for Blache to count on Springs for a full season, and w/o Rogers we at best have Springs/Hall starting w/ Smoot as a nickel and probably still find it necessary to draft/sign someone. Besides, if Springs gets to stay the indicators are he'll transition to safety, making Horton somewhat expendable and we could get excellent value for him w/ just a 3rd round pick say. In other words, Los/Hall start at CB and Springs/Landry at FS/SS with Moore/Doughty backup. That is a very potent secondary - all young guys save for Springs who hopefully will be less injury prove at centerfield. The more I think about the Los trade the more pissed I am. Trading Moss or Horton over Los makes better sense IMHO. Can someone shine some light on the inside story here because I must be missing something?
On Dec 30th JLC and Jason Reid wrote in the WaPo, not the blog, about Washington and Rogers possibly finding new homes. Since that statement, nobody in the Skins organization has come out and denied it.
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