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Cap sanity and valuing draft selections

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Old 09-23-2004, 07:08 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by That Guy
you obviously should have gotten kurt... seriously though, 677 yards and only 2 tds means he's a 20-20 qb... and you're once again focusing too much on the stats to see the bigger picture... gibbs runs a RUN HEAVY offense, you don't have an RB worth playing, so of course dallass is going to pass more. and everyone here knows mark was way overpaid, i don't like it, but i have no control over that. Our records are still the same though, and a QB is only 1 position among many on a football team... i'm sure dallass has its share of bad contracts too. these somewhat meaningless 2 page stat posts are really pretty boring...
Focusing too much on stats?...Ya think Quincy Carter would be putting up these types of numbers even with Key and an improved OL?

And if not, with a running game thats been struggling, where would we offensively?

In the crapper

Ya think Parcells wants to throw the ball 42 times a game? Yes he's done in NE but that was before the drafting of Martin, where the balance came forward

Bang for the buck man...

Vinny, one year 1.1 mil, no draft choice compensation
George, 1 year 1.5 mil and a 1.5 mil SB

Brunnel, 7 years 43 mil 8.6 mil to sign, 3rd rounder to Jax (Greg Jones, FSU)
Portis 8 years, 50 mil 10 plus mil SB for Champ Bailey and a 2nd (Tatum Bell)

I guess the 2/3 of all carries Portis had run justify the contract and compensation Portis has received

The draft and cap management is way overrated
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you got a bad deal on george, he really isn't even a good #2 anymore, and 3million is insane for his production. I was saying that because you don't have a running game, you HAVE to pass more, meaning you get more passing yards, which pads your QB's passing stats.

you think you'd pass 43 times with portis over there? i don't, and i don't think you'd have over 600 passing yards either...
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