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Anyone worried???

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 09-27-2004, 06:04 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by illdefined
yeah man, Gardner. he's had more than enough chances. put him down.

also, in spite of his first week performance (due to Williams), dont you think Lott could be more effective at Bowen's position along with Taylor??
I think Williams generally tries to keep Bowen out of situations where he's going to be caught one-on-one with a receiver, giving that duty to Lott. But teams will be able to create favorable matchups against Bowen and they will take advantage of them, like the Giants did with Tim Carter.

I like Bowen as a run defender and a blitzer, but he's a huge liability in coverage. I'd feel much more comfortable with Lott and Taylor in there, even if Taylor has a lot of learning to do in terms of respecting the speed of NFL receivers. At least Taylor should overcome that learning deficit pretty quickly. I don't know if Bowen will ever overcome his speed deficit.
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Originally Posted by Gmanc711
I'm not worried at all. The Cowboys offense will be shut down by our defense. We will do enough on offense to get over the hump and whoop those cowgirls.
ahh...a potential new sig line
"I'll go on the record that i am a LA fan"--redsk1

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Originally Posted by illdefined
i'm worried. we should've beaten the Giants handily. anytime i see fumbled snaps, and forced interceptions i'm worried.

That won't happen again this season, they probably still have ringing in their ears after the coaches got through with them.
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Originally Posted by bridaman51
Of course I am worried I am sick and tired of losing to the cowboys. I have way to many friends and family that are cowboy fans and I have to hear them all year long. I am the lone Skin fan. There are to many big names that are injured I really hope Gibbs and Williams have some tricks up there sleeves because it would really stink to get our butts kicked on national TV.

Same here bud and my former sister is a dallas fan lOl. When we were growing up, all we did was fight because of the game I also have 5 brothers who are 49er fags/fans and when that game comes up oh boy
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