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shaun suisham may be in trouble

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: shaun suisham may be in trouble

Originally Posted by Trample the Elderly View Post
I miss Frost. He wasn't all that for a kicker but he sure did like to hit guys on kick offs.
We could bring him back to replace Thrash.

I hope Swish gets beat out...so sick of him missing chip shots, having no range and kicking off out-of-bounds.
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Re: shaun suisham may be in trouble

Originally Posted by over the mountain View Post
... - we cut frost (who was outplaying brooks in preseason) so vinny could say all his rookies made the roster...
You do realize, don't you, that GBay cut Frost to sign Brooks? And that Frost is not currently on any NFL roster (Brooks is still with GB)? When it came to punters, Frost was "just a guy" and, as it turns out, so was Brooks (and Plackemeir and ...).

Thank God for Hunter the Punter!

Can I get him as an avatar?
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Re: shaun suisham may be in trouble

Frost is a bum too. Who the frick cares.
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Re: shaun suisham may be in trouble

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
Although I hate getting ex-cowboys, they did draft a very strong kicker, who apparently may unseat Folk, unless they carry two kickers. If Folk were released, I would go against my personal bias, and hope the Skins grabbed him up.
It would surprise me if they cut the young Pro Bowler Folk but stranger things have happened. I agree that I would suspend the anti-ex-Cowboys rule for Folk, who is quite capable.

I think it is more likely that the Cowboys will:
a) cut Buehler as a wasted draft pick
b) have Buehler suck up a roster spot simply to do kickoffs
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Re: shaun suisham may be in trouble

Danny Smith makes it clear the kicking competition is wide open, and hangtime on kickoffs is considered one of the criterions for deciding the winner in an article by John Keim in the Washington Examiner today.
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Re: shaun suisham may be in trouble

^^ nice lil nugget of info westover, welcome aboard.

go skins!!
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