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Former Patriot Tebucky Jones Plans to Sue Team Doctors

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Uncle Phil
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Former Patriot Tebucky Jones Plans to Sue Team Doctors

Tebucky Jones brings back memories of the old-school Patriots. He was more than just a fun name to say; he was an electrifying, game-changing defensive player, before there was Asante Samuel, before there was Ellis Hobbs.

But his career was derailed by a 2006 preseason knee injury -- and now, according to the Boston Herald, Jones is blaming Patriots physician Thomas J. Gill for misdiagnosing him and ruining his career.

Former Patriot Tebucky Jones Plans to Sue Team Doctors - New England Patriots - NESN.com

May not be a big story, but it reminded me of this

http://www.thewarpath.net/redskins-l...on-play-3.html (Belichick Accused of Making Ted Johnson Play With Concussion)
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Re: Former Patriot Tebucky Jones Plans to Sue Team Doctors

Huh. Hard to know if the two events (Ted Johnson/Tebucky) are a product of the teams approach to injury or just a random coincidence. Either way, how could the doctors not tell him about an ACL tear? If Tebucky Jones is telling the truth, he should get a nice monetary settlement from them.
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Re: Former Patriot Tebucky Jones Plans to Sue Team Doctors

He claims that Gill and fellow physician Bertram Zarins did not inform him about a severe tear to his knee during a preseason matchup against the Redskins.
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