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Quick Hitters: Booing in Week 2

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Quick Hitters: Booing in Week 2

Originally Posted by PennSkinsFan View Post
I tend to think Montgomery was active over Rhinehart because of flexibility. The question will be, do they battle it out to see who starts, does it get handed to Rhinehart, or did Montgomery play well enough to get a look. Either way, if Montgomery plays and Rhinehart stays inactive, then you would have a definitive answer on whether Rhinehart was a wasted pick.
I'm thinking they're going to battle it out from what I gathered from Zorns PC. But I would think Rinehart is expected to win that spot. Montgomery did play pretty well but Rinehart may have too if he was active and given the chance. We'll see, it may be a gametime decision according to Zorn.
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Re: Quick Hitters: Booing in Week 2

Someone from Wilbon's weekly WaPo chat nailed this issue perfectly:

I was at the game. I would like to comment on the boos.

The first three instances were absolutely reasonable. You don't throw HB Options from the 8 after running 4 times in the last 5 plays inside the 10. You don't drop passes.

However, the booing during the kneel down was crazy. But, I think there was more to it. It was, we just paid big bucks to get in, have zero parking options below $40, can't tailgate like before, and now, we are leaving without a touchdown. It was a visceral reaction, even though not logical. I tried to tell people kneeling to win the game was obviously correct, but they just seemed to want to boo to get it out of their system.

Leaving the stadium, it was so quiet you would have thought we just left a memorial. It has been 3 times louder after LOSSES.

People were just stunned. In the end, Snyder no longer has a safety net. You can't treat fans like dirt, and the not put out a quality product.
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