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Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

Redskins Locker Room

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

Hello Everyone,

Itís not too often we talk about a win like it was a loss, but this team has a great room for improvement. The offense reminded me of the offense of the mid 90ís when Jeff Hostetler was the Redskins quarterback. The team moved the ball great in between the twentyís, and canít score any points in the red zone. You canít put this on Jason Campbell or Zorn for the dropped touchdown passes, however I think the red zone play calling is still an issue. The second to last series is where I had the most issues with play calling. On 3rd and goal from the 8 yard line, I donít know who youíre fooling with a half back pass, but that was a terrible call. In addition, I did not like the call to go for the 4th down. You have a chance there to make them score a touchdown to beat you, when they have zero time outs remaining.. you take the field goal there. Beyond that, I thought the stretch play, particularly with Randy Thomas out was equally as bad. Iíd like to see more of Malcom Kelly and Marko Mitchell in the red zone as well. This team has not had a large wide receiver in quite some time, they now have a couple bigger guys who Iíd like to see used more. On the positive side, I thought that Jason Campbell played a good football game. In addition, I was excited to see Marcus Mason get some touches on offense. I think the team is starting to see that Betts has not rushed the ball very well, really since 2006 and let Mason start to get acclimated to real time.

On the defensive side of the football, you are usually happy when you hold most teams to seven points, but the Rams shouldnít have scored at all on Sunday. Right now Iím not very happy with the way our cornerbacks are playing. Carlos Rogers has not been where he has needed to be, in my opinion so far this year. In addition, Iím still trying to figure out exactly what DeAngelo Hallís game is.

I know someone had a question on LaRon Landry, and in my opinion he needs some help from a leader on the defense. Every time you see LaRon Landry, he just seems to be one step away from making the big play. Whether it be a tackle or an interception, he just seems to be just a step away. I think that has to due to with a lack of maturity in understanding of the game. I think Landry is in need of a leader on the defense to really teach him a few things to help move the process along. I think that, had Sean Taylor lived, the Redskins would have two pro bowl safeties right now, but that unfortunately was not the case.

In the red zone it has been said that Jim Zorn has not been letting Jason Campbell audible to a different play. I know this is a politically correct answer, but both Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell are unproven at this point. I think for Jason to be able to call his own plays, he needs to take the next step as a quarterback and show Jim Zorn that he can make the right call. At the same time, Zorn is a new coach who is trying to get his feet wet, so I donít know that he can completely limit his quarterback from doing that.

After the game there was some post game twitters (you can now follow me on twitter and facebook as well) , from Robert Henson about his thoughts on the fans booing. First, my thoughts on the fans booing is that fans are very fickle. The same fans who are booing this week, will be cheering against Tampa Bay in two weeks if they score a touchdown. Fans are fickle and that is nothing new. Now I thought Robert Henson should have been cut today. Weíre talking about a guy who is not on the field, isnít playing a down. The fans come to the game every week, and pay this guys salary. This is a guy that has not done crap in the league and he needs to show the fans much more respect than that. If Iím a leader on that team, I would pull him aside and tell him exactly that.

The best team in the league right now, Iíd have to say is the New York Giants, although they also have flaws on both sides of the football. The Giants stand out in potential as well, where you have the feeling that they could be a dominant team as well. Iíd put them right in front of Baltimore as the # 1 team right now.

What I have to say about getting ready for the Lions is nothing different than I said about getting ready for the Rams. The Redskins need to come out, and play well in all three facets of the game. If the Redskins play well, theyíll win this game. If they play poorly on offense, Detroit will hang around and beat them. They need to establish themselves right off the bat, and come to Detroit ready to play.

Thanks guys!

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Re: Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

AS ALWAYS.....thanks for the time and trouble Tony!
Goodbye Sean..........Vaya Con Dios
thankyou Joe.......
ďGod made certain people to play football. He was one of them.Ē Ė Joe Gibbs
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Re: Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

Thanks for post. As much as we bag Zorn for his playcalling(including myself), he is two dropped passes from 2 touchdowns.
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Re: Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

Nice, I'll be following on Twitter
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Special Teams
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Re: Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

Robert Henson*
RIP Sean Taylor
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Thank You, Sean.
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Re: Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

Originally Posted by SBprimetime View Post
Robert Henson*
That would actually be this guy's error, I couldnt remember the guys name... (i'll fix though).
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Fire Bruce NOW
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Re: Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

I agree with you about using the big receivers in the red zone. And I think your take on the secondary is insightful. Thank you for your kind contribution.
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We won more with Vinny
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Re: Tony McGee Week 2: St. Louis @ Washington

Thanks Tony. And thanks Gmanc711! Interesting thoughts on Landry.
Defense wins championships. Bring it!
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