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Greg Blache gets his revenge: Skins-Rams Defensive Review

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Greg Blache gets his revenge: Skins-Rams Defensive Review

A million thanks to you Tripp for another highly informative review.

We chatted last week about the possibility of Blache experiencing a schematic epiphany...does last Sunday qualify? I think it's hugely encouraging he is finding ways to accentuate the individuals strengths on defense and hopefully cover for the few weaknesses that exist.
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Re: Greg Blache gets his revenge: Skins-Rams Defensive Review

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
That's right: on the fourth defensive play of the game, Greg Blache called a zone blitz........The Redskins ran a second zone blitz in the second quarter, and this one earned Marc Bulger a free expense paid trip to the grass at FedEx Field........The play was an excellent encapsulation of how Greg Blache went away from the vanilla defensive schemes this week, in a week where the Redskins really needed their defense to step up.
Dude, GT you are the man.

I went back and watched the plays you were talking about and those plays were a departure from Blache's norm.

I wonder if the genesis of the concepts came from Coach KO?

I remember Blache giving KO credit for getting more from Wilson this offseason then Blache himself was able to in his years on the DL.

I would like to see these new scheme meshed together with some of Coach Gray's mexed coverages like he used against Dallas game 1 last year.

On the first zone-blitz if Orakpo gets out a little wider and really runs underneath that receiver its a pick 6!

The second play looks like a zone-drop that i've see Blache run about once a game where he drops a DT into a hook-zone from a normally its from a Tampa-2 look in the secondary.

The coverage behind this zone drop is different because Horton was up it looked like he was playing the flat or off man on the RB.

I'm gonna keep an eye out for more zone-blitz looks.

I bet we show Stafford alot of Tampa-2.


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