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Disjointed Coaching Structure

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Disjointed Coaching Structure

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
Again, I'd prefer to see how other staffs shake out before I make any hard conclusions about the Skins setup. You're taking one staff and putting it under the microscope and assuming this is the only staff in the league built this way.

It's certainly not uncommon for staffs to have holdovers from previous ones.
I looked at Pittsburgh coaching structure and they indeed have people who have been coaching in their ranks longer than Mike Tomlin, or not brought in by Tomlin...six I believe.

One of the differences though is most of those coaches had been coaching with the Steelers for 10+ years. The Steelers are obviously the exception because of their long coaching terms.

I agree that I should have perhaps looked over some other coaching ranks before looking into ours however we certainly do have a wide array of various coaching tangents that have all met among our ranks.
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Re: Disjointed Coaching Structure

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Holmgren would be my choice for GM by a wide margin. People keep saying get rid of Zorn, Id say Vinny gotta go first.

Thank You. The only good thing about this disaster is that it holds out the possibility of getting rid of the incompetent Vinny Cerratto. During his tenure we've fired Norv, hired Marty and fired Vinny, fired Marty and re-hired Vinny (after an 8-3 finish what else could we do but bring back Vinny), fired Spurrier, driven Gibbs back to racing, and will apparently fire Jim Zorn soon. All those guys have been successful at other places so maybe it's time to hold someone else accountable.

Snyderatto has created a climate at Redskins Park that is undisciplined and unworkable. It is time for Snyder to remove himself from the building, tend to other interests, and allow a competent (ready SS?) football person to have complete control. Just listen to Cerrato's radio show and tell me that he's not as dumb as they day is long. It's embarrassing.

If they fire Zorn and Vinny keeps his job nothing will change.
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