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Running Game

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Re: Running Game

I felt coming into the season that our run game would be the key to the season. With a good run game or effective run game it would open up some things downfield for JC and company. Without a run game it would be tough for JC to have a very good year.

So far, our RB's consistently get hit behind the LOS and we have a hard time getting that push up front. Amazingly, JC has been ok w/ the pass game w/ virtually no run game to speak of. Now keep in mind we've played two horrible defenses as well.

Pass protection seems to be pretty good too imo.

With all of that CP isn't the homerun RB that he used to be. He's an all around very good back but not a game changer. When is the last "wow" run you saw from CP? We're paying gobs of $ to a guy that we could get similar production from players that make less money. We don't have any options w/ CP. We're married to him for better or worse. I'm a CP fan too. I love how he plays, but i'm a Skins fan foremost. I'm thinking about a year or two down the road.
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Re: Running Game

I'm a big Portis fan...BUT...he is not hitting the holes like he used to. Sometimes he hits the hole at full speed, other times it looks like he loses his balance and is falling into the hole. On the fourth and one play, he was falling into the hole without any contact. NOW, is this because he has lost a step or he is dealing with injuries we don't know about. He seems often injured and he is getting close to that age where running backs tend to fade. Prime example was the tiptoe burglar, Shawn Alexander. I would like to see Mason or Alridge get some touches. Betts is actually 2 years older than Portis.
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Re: Running Game

Originally Posted by WaldSkins View Post
Hey you should coach the skins with that creative thinking
lol! our new goal line O play caller!
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