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is there a way that we the fans can be heard???

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: is there a way that we the fans can be heard???

Originally Posted by mlmpetert View Post
....Billboards are definitely a lot more then I was originally told in the DC area (20-40k)....ad on 10 bus's....8-9k.
Billboard rental in DC area - $ 20K

Ad on ten Metro buses - $ 9K

Chance of this NOT being a complete waste of time/money - Zero
"I would bet.....(if), an angel fairy came down and said, '[You can have anything] in the world you would like to own,' I wouldn't be surprised if you said a football club and particularly the Washington Redskins.'' Jack Kent Cooke, 1996.
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Uncle Phil
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Re: is there a way that we the fans can be heard???

Could you imagine though if spending billboards all around DC actually got Snyder's attention and he said "Ok, I'm here to listen. What do you fans want me to do?"

"Fire Vinny!"

"Done. Now what?"

"Hire a real GM"

"Ok. Who?"

"Chris Polian" "No, Eric DeCosta" "No, Bruce Allen" "No, Mike Holmgren" "No, Marty Schottenheimer" "No, Floyd Reese" ...

"Um ok. What about Zorn"

"Fire him too"

"Ok. Who should I hire"

"Jon Gruden (with Bruce Allen)" "No, let the GM pick him" "No, bring in Brian Schottenheimer (with Marty!) "No, we need Holmgren"...

"Uh huh. And Jason Campbell"

"Keep him. It's the line that sucks" "The line isn't the problem. Campbell's got to go." "Trade him" "Cut him now!"

And so on
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Re: is there a way that we the fans can be heard???

I guess the only message could be

Snyder: Have a trusted consultant find you a competent GM, let him make ALL decisions.

doesn't really flow off of the tongue.. and lord knows who would be a trusted consultant to Danny
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Camp Scrub
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Re: is there a way that we the fans can be heard???

If you want to be heard, go to ipetitions.com and enter "snyder" to access and sign at least two good petitions calling for Danny to sell the team.
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