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Steve Largent rips Snyder's handling of the team

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Steve Largent rips Snyder's handling of the team

Originally Posted by Buster View Post
Exactly, it's a non-story.
I hardly think it's a "non-story." The fact that Largent says one thing - they pulled out the contract & said, you must do this... - and Vinny says another - that they never used the contract to force Zorn into giving up play calling, makes it news. That is indicative of what we've seen over the years out of Danny & Vinny. They always seems to be at total odds w/their employees, even their fans.

If you're interested in Zorn's situation & would like to know how much of this debacle is his fault, I think this is far from a non-story.
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Re: Steve Largent rips Snyder's handling of the team

Originally Posted by OptimalOne View Post
Snyder tries his best to be the next best thing to Jimmy Jones and Marty Schot, but without the knowledge of the game and faith in personnel.

This is another GRAND example of how thinking and managing short-term will get NO long term results. (ie Hiring Gibbs to fill seats).

- "So good, I'm the best....That's why I'm OPTIMAL".
Where did that come from? are you talking about Marg schott? or Marty Schottenheimer? Wasn't Jimmy Jones the guys who led all those people off to Guana and had them drink the Cool Aid.....Oh, I see what you did there....LOL. You were referencing DS as Jim Jones and calling us fans the congigration drinking the "Cool Aid". Wow ...I didn't think of it that way.

but what about the Marty comment? Marty has done good things with teams he's led as a HC. He just has not gotten the SB, but neither did Marino so he must suck also.
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