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Riggins: Redskins organization has been taken hostage by a child

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Riggins: Redskins organization has been taken hostage by a child

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
Maybe it was an NFL record, I honestly don't remember. We probably did pay too much for Hall considering the demand (or lack thereof)...but you still said $100 million
so did the press release and that's what danny wanted, and 41 was a record at the time, not sure if eli's new contract had more
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Re: Riggins: Redskins organization has been taken hostage by a child

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
I never said he was doing a good job just pointed out that your statement was incorrect. For your statement above. If you own season tickets your supporting him. As a season ticked holder are you going to the game tonight and if not what have you done with your tickets?
For my part, I am a season ticket holder and I am going to the game tonight. It makes me want to vomit all over myself, and I have absolutely no interest in going and listening to a bunch of ahole eagles fans, but they are still my team and I still go, I don't leave early, and I never, EVER sell my tix to a fan of the opponent team.

Mlm - I have to say that you and I are much alike. I feel just like you do. I hate paying the man, but Sunday's @ a game are better than most anything else. It is easy to be a fan in front of your TV, but when you go and suffer with them every game, every year, the good times mean all that much more. I spend 28 years on the waiting list, so I am not ready to ditch them yet, but it is tough. I buy nothing in the stadium except for a designated driver coke to use as a mixer for the stuff I sneak in(I don't drive though).
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Re: Riggins: Redskins organization has been taken hostage by a child

Originally Posted by Trample the Elderly View Post
Joe Gibbs Racing = Three NASCAR Championships. Sorry buddy, we're on the life-boats already. Why don't you come on over? We have some MREs and beer too!
Tramp, I hear ya, and yes Gibbs is not Snyder, or better said, Snyder is no Gibbs. You have to look at the beginning product in order to see the progress. Snyder was not ready to be an NFL owner, and definitely not the Redskins owner, when he bought the team. He has made a billion and one mistakes. I believe most people would make similar, or non-similar but just as bad. Assuming he is learning, he will move Vinny out and get a real GM, that is what I was trying to show in my progressions earlier. People who say he hasn't learned just are taking an easy attack. He has learned, but he isn't where we all want him to be.

I will pass on the MRE's, unless they've improved. Beer, pass the next round.
Dirtbag59, sending songs to oblivion 1 writer at a time.
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