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Vinny covering his ass

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Re: Vinny covering his ass

Originally Posted by joethiesmanfan View Post
Ghetto Dog -
1. 10 year backups. Name one for me please? A back up should be a potential up an coming starter or a former starter who has lost a step. you want young up and comers and veteran guidance, and a mix there of. 10 year back ups don't exist.
Todd Collins -- never a star, never a starter, always a backup (and a good one, IMO). I'm sure there are hundreds of names out there, I just don't know them because I'm not that in touch with backups on any team other than the Redskins. Of course, recently we haven't had many backups worthy of riding the pine for 10 years. To say that there's no such thing as a career backup is just plain wrong, but I don't really think you mean that (but you said it).

I agree, a backup should be a, "potential up and coming star." Players drafted in the first three rounds usually become starters, but the odds are real good that if they don't become starters they will *at least* be a good backup for a long time. It seems you think my argument was that we should be drafting backups, when instead it was that drafting gives you the best odds of building a good team -- starters, depth, everything. It doesn't matter if the draft is not a "guarantee" -- nothing is. However, the draft gives a team the best odds for building a good team, and therefore the best odds of winning. Draft neglect cannot be justified whatsoever, IMO.

Originally Posted by joethiesmanfan View Post
2. 6-2 Gibbs, Zorn did not have to earn his pay then. He didn't change anything at that point. No injuries yet, but when he had to change things and be a coach he flopped and looked lost. By the way he still lost. Zorn inherited a playoff team.
Okay. Zorn was calling the plays when we went 6-2, but I guess you think he's a good play caller, and his shortcomings lie in practice and discipline. I guess you think he didn't have to, "change things and be a coach," until week 9. In any case, the fumble on 4th and goal can't be Zorn's fault unless they don't practice snaps. Zorn is no head coach -- that's obvious -- but, you can't blame him for everything.

Originally Posted by joethiesmanfan View Post
3. I said that about Cooley to make a point. Everyone wants to trade away all Pro Bowl players except Cooley. WTF?
Okay. As long as you don't think we're better off with Davis than Cooley, then we're in agreement. I don't think we need to rebuild, but I wouldn't be against it either -- we're a very old team. However, we absolutely must rebuild the OL.

Originally Posted by joethiesmanfan View Post
4. The Carolina Panthers fixed there O-line in one offseason do the research. We can use the draft and FAs. Do what needs to be done. Use the same technique we used to fix the D-line.
I don't know anything about the state of the Panther's OL before they "fixed" it, and I don't really care because we are not them. With Samuels and Thomas gone, we don't really have any guys worthy of starting, and only a few worthy of backing up. So, we basically have nothing, which means we need about 5 starting quality guys and 2-4 quality backups. I guess it could be done in one offseason, but it's not likely at all.

Originally Posted by joethiesmanfan View Post
5. The fumble, the penalties, and all the Bad News Bears like foul ups shows coaching issues. I have heard it time and time again. That is coaching. A player's lack of ability does not make them make that blooper. Confusion causes that play. That shows the lack of perparedness more than anything. That is Zorn's fault.
If the players aren't prepared, that is Zorn's fault -- no question. Penalties are from lack of discipline, which comes from the coach -- but, the fumble? That's crazy. I couldn't even tell what happened, but it looked like the fumble was a couple yards off center -- that's all on Rabach. The other fumbled snap was a little low, but JC got his hands on it -- that one was on JC. I agree, Zorn's to blame for some things, but not everything.
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