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The Redskins Problems Are Simple

Redskins Locker Room

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The Redskins Problems Are Simple

I'm as tired of this as all of you are but to me this situation is so damn easy to fix. When I say easy to fix I don't mean a overnight fix but to get started in the right direction. The Redskins are currently playing like two different teams right now Team A & Team B on the field. Team A is the stellar top ranked defense super bowl contender Team B is the struggling horrendous offense 1st pick of the NFL draft in 2010.

Let's take a look at Team A and why is Team A so successful. Ok, the system that Team A is running belongs to the ex-defensive coordinator a.k.a. "The Saints Savior" Gregg Williams. Greg Blache basically kept that defensive structure and added his own wrinkles to make that it his own scheme. That system has been in place for years now so the defense has stability. We are pretty young and talented on defense and I get credit to the FO for keeping that system intact. The best part is not only has the defense been in place for a long time but our leader and heart in soul of the defense London Fletcher was in that same system with Williams in Buffalo. London is the coach on the field he knows that defense inside and out. Stability is the key to being a successful franchise our defense has that they are top five ranked simple right.

Let's take a look at Team B why that are so damn pissed poor on the field. First, the GM hires a head coach that does not have any experience in coaching other than the position his played which is QB. This does not mean that Jim Zorn can't coach or be a good coach it means Jim Zorn doesn't have any experience at the HC position. Personally, I like Zorn and I hope he works out but the biggest problem I saw was the FO hiring him. How do you hire a coach but no one on his staff has/had little or no experience in the system your running the WCO? IMO you were set up to fail so the first season your coaching staff and players are neck in neck no one knows nothing bascially if you let Zorn tell it. Not suppose to happen if you ask me which comes to my next question IF Zorn is fired at season's end. How successful would Zorn have been if he could have hired his on staff? After we started 6-2 everyone was hype about it then the problem was the o-line came teams got more film on us learned our ways and downhill from there. But even before Zorn 6 head coaches in 10 years only Zorn and Gibbs II had two years.

Honestly, that is the problem with the offense the players can never get adjusted to a system because of rapid changes yearly or bi-yearly. Therefore, our offense is quite similar to there starting QB in that matter. Jason switched coordinators like the Redskins changed coaches. At this pace, a draft pick like Colt would probably be just as messed up as Jason in the near future. Gibbs says this, Saunders says that and Zorn wants this, change your drop, change your release, the learning curve is steep and your always uncomfortable because the pressure to succeed but your also craming on the go. Too compare other NFL QB's to our QB's is unfair because only the Redskins go through this. Now with that said I'm not making an excuse for Jason but fact is fact. In 5 years if Breannan, Tebow, Bradford, McCoy or any of them changes coordinators and systems 3 or 4 times they would probably be just like Jason with a screwed up mind and slow development due to the rapid changes.

We need stability on the offense bad I if I could give a suggestion to stop this madness. If we do fired Zorn as HC keep the WCO as the system here in D.C. If I was in charge I would do the folowing:

Hire a real GM
Hire Holmgren as HC
Hire Sherm Lewis or whoever Holmgren likes at OC
Keep Zorn as QB Coach
Fire Hixon
Keep the defense the same

Now my feeling is that this would provide the change and the stability needed to improve from the previous year without having to start completely over. We can't go from a non-WCO to a WCO then back to a non-WCO that will confuse and hinder a lot of players on this team especially the young ones.

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Re: The Redskins Problems Are Simple

How successful would Zorn have been if he could have hired his on staff?
According to Vinny, after meeting with the assistants, Zorn said that he wanted those guys as coaches. Obviously he had to bring in an OC and TE coach; I think that that's a very direct thing for Vinny to have said and will give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. He didn't twist it with "Zorn liked these guys" or anything like that, but that they're the ones that Zorn wanted as coaches along with him.

I don't think that Zorn knows enough to make those decisions though. Guy was already in over his head and then he has to replace a dozen guys or so?
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Re: The Redskins Problems Are Simple

I agree with you on the offense stability but i would rather have Gruden be the coach and Mike Holmgren the GM. Keep Sherman Lewis as the OC and Zorn as the QB coach huh I doubt Zorn stays plus Gruden can coach the QB's up. I like the plan but VC can go bring in Holmgren for GM.
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Re: The Redskins Problems Are Simple

1) Get a real GM
2) Let the GM do his job, keeping the coaches/players he wants, whatever that happens to be.

I personally think the Redskins worst problem is that they are short about 3 OT, but they have backup R OT covered very well between Heyer and BMW. I would gladly keep Zorn if that means that Cerrato/Snyder combo at GM gets replaced, but I realize that any GM with power is going to blow everything up and start from nearly scratch.

I would much rather root for a 3-13 grown team where the players are young and improving with each game than root for a 5-11 team stocked with Snyder's ad hoc overpaid and rapidly aging fantasty team.
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