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Will Dan Snyder finally fire Vinny Cerrato

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 11-22-2009, 08:00 PM   #91
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Re: Will Dan Snyder finally fire Vinny Cerrato

Originally Posted by WaldSkins View Post
Boy you know how to bring a guy down even further after a Dallas lose.
Sorry bout that. I've started to use a step-by-step process if you will to come to terms w/ my Skins fanhood

Right now i'm working on acceptance of the situation. Snyder has a very definitive ownership style, if we can even call it that, and it hasn't changed from what I can tell from day one. Until I see real evidence he's willing to admit his colossal failure as the team's primary GM and do a literal 180 - blow the thing up and turn over the Redskins to the best GM who will take the job - I can't see any reason for pretending things might get better. 3-13 seasons. 8-8 seasons. It really makes no difference...lil D has no idea how to put together a winning franchise.
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Re: Will Dan Snyder finally fire Vinny Cerrato

Originally Posted by The Goat View Post
I don't think we should get our hopes up about Snyder firing his weird little toady or about the real operations within the FO changing substantially. The ONLY reason to have a Vinny in the first place is so lil D can be as involved as he likes. There's probably a million Vinny's out there...guys of mediocre talent at best who will take a fake GM job title as a trade-off for a very nice paycheck. My guess is Snyder will continue to want control, whether he finds a new "Vinny" or keeps the real one is immaterial.
I've thought exactly the same thing. In some ways, Vinny Cerrato may have the safest, most secure job in the world, because it allows Lil' Danny to have a front man for all of his f*ckups. Vinny has to go along with what Lil' Danny wants, and when that goes down the tubes, Snyder can always point the finger in Vinny's direction. It really is the perfect set up. Why would Snyder mess with that?
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Old 11-27-2009, 12:45 PM   #93
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Re: Will Dan Snyder finally fire Vinny Cerrato

Thought everyone would like to know that Chris Polian was just promoted to GM/VP of the Colts organization and signed to a long term contract..... we fail.

ps sorry i dont have enough posts to put up a link, but its on espn. Go to the football page and its there.
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