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Holmgren: Redskins's Treatment of Zorn Was Wrong

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 11-03-2009, 09:33 AM   #31
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Re: Holmgren: Redskins's Treatment of Zorn Was Wrong

Originally Posted by joethiesmanfan View Post
Zorn is making how many millions? Don't feel sorry for him. He should just quit to keep his integrity, his greed is being exposed to all and he will go down in humiliation history. Hard choice. He failed here. I don't blame Danny boy, what a waste of money. Zorn should fall on his sword. We regressed. Shouldn't be on Danny boy should be on Zorn, since he has soooooo much integrity. Go away already. Sitting on the sideline grimacing at the mess he created. If I was Dan Snyder I would come down from the booth and foot him in his behind on national TV. Put a skirt on Zorn already Vinny (hahahahah). He just sticking around for the millions, so treat him anyway you choose. He played Danny boy for a sucker. He knew he wasn't qualified. He thought I am Zorn the "genius" I can do anything. You don't play with people's money, or their Redskins. Million dollar contracts have made liars out of the best of men. Zorn gets no sympathy from me. Con man Zorn.
Awfully early to be so loaded.
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Re: Holmgren: Redskins's Treatment of Zorn Was Wrong

I know right???
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Re: Holmgren: Redskins's Treatment of Zorn Was Wrong

Originally Posted by Longtimefan View Post
Certainly does not come as surprise from someone who had Zorn in his employ for so long. If that's his feeling, it's difficult to argue with him.
Many a people are good at what they do, but when put in position of authority.....they suck.

I'm sure Zorn has some nice qualities, but there are some glaringly bad qualities as well...

1) He fails at motivational speaking.
2) He failed to adjust his scheme for the talent he has.
3) His play calling is a failure.

I'll agree it was unfair to take the play calling away. I would have let him sink or swim as a HC. VC would be gone by now though. Players put on notice that they are playing to keep their jobs next yr.
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