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who stays? who goes?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 11-12-2009, 04:09 PM   #31
What will Shanny do this offseason?
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Re: who stays? who goes?

Gtripp I think that would be the ideal scenario for a Vick/ Tebow backfield. Vick as the main QB tebow as the package/ learning rookie until he took over. Gruden would be crazy enough to pull it off.

WE WOULD NEED A BETTER THAN AVERAGE LINE however, and we don't have that.
That got ugly fast
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Re: who stays? who goes?

Hey check this out.
BANG CARTOONS: Hilarious NFL cartoons and podcasts!
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Re: who stays? who goes?

Originally Posted by EARTHQUAKE2689 View Post
Why would you wanna keep Orakpo at LB? It's so obvious that is a mistake it isn't even funny anymore. If we do nothing else move Orakpo back to full-time defensive end. He could be a Freeney esque player.
Freeney plays in the pass happy AFC South (excluding the Titans). Keeping Orakpo at Sam (in a 4-3...although a 3-4 may look good too with our personnel) prevents the hard nosed foes in the NFC East from running at him all game and wearing him down (a la Jason Taylor last year). Orakpo is improving every week and has 5.5 sacks on the season as a hybrid.
RG3 or bust!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 11-12-2009, 08:45 PM   #34
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Re: who stays? who goes?

Everyone can stay except Moss. I really hate the guy.
"The Redskins have always suffered from chronic organizational deformities under Snyder."

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Old 11-12-2009, 09:52 PM   #35
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Re: who stays? who goes?

Originally Posted by saden1 View Post
Everyone can stay except Moss. I really hate the guy.
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Old 11-12-2009, 11:23 PM   #36
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Re: who stays? who goes?

Those who definitely stays next year
1. Malcolm Kelly 1. Brian Orakpo
2. Fred Davis 2. Jeremy Jarmon
3. Devin Thomas 3. Albert Haynesworth
4. CB5 4. Kedric Golston
5. Derrick Dockery 5. Anthony Montgomery
6. Eddie Williams 6. Lorenzo Alexander
7. Edwin Williams 7. Chris Wilson
8. Marko Mitchell 8. London Fletcher
9. Hunter Smith 9. Kareem Moore
10. Shaun Shuisham 10. Chris Horton
11. Stephon Heyer (Backup) 11. Reed Doughty
12. Mike Sellers (maybe) 12. DeAngelo Hall
13. Carlos Rogers
14. Justin Tyron
15. Kevan Barnes
18. Rocky McIntosh
19. London Fletcher

Those who we can trade
1. Sanatana Moss (or return as KR/PR)
2. Andre Carter (or return for 1 more stint)
3. Chris Cooley (he has the highest trade value [1st] and we need both a franchise QB and LT in the draft).
4. Clinton Portis (or cut outright if possible)
5. JC (backup role if he wants to return)
6. Laron Landry (or we can keep him for another year)

Those who need to get cut
1. ARE
2. Betts
3. The rest of o-line except Levi Jones
4. Todd Collins
5. Philip Daniels
6. Cornelius Griffin
7. Fred Smoot
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Old 11-13-2009, 12:21 AM   #37
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Re: who stays? who goes?



I tried to cut all the older guys, but I did keep some who have 7yrs in the league. I also kept Fletcher with his 11. If we can find a viable replacement then cut him also.

QB) Most likely JC is gone. I know some of you want to keep him and give him one more chance but in my eyes he's had 6yrs of a chance and he has shown no improvement. I also doubt he will want to stay after last summers drama and his bad yr he's having this yr even though it's not all his fault. Lastly he won't take a job to be a back up. He's been a starter in this league and most likely feels he's starting material and will want to go to another team who needs a starter or will give him a chance to be starter. I'm not sure if Colt is the man either but I'm willing to keep him one more year to see improvement. Look for a viable #1 QB or look to the draft.

WR) If anyone of this team deserves another chance it's Thomas and Kelly under new positional coaching. Lets get someone in who knows what they are doing in the NFL and train these young WR's including M.Mitchell. Pick up some UFA's in the draft.

RB) As someone else said cut everyone, pick up a nice somewhat fast RB, then go with a big bruiser to power the ball when needed.

OL) Get rid of the old guys taking up roster spots. Levis has only been in the league 7yrs so I kept him. Draft a LT and a RT to build around and keep the young guys we have now to be Guards. I would hold open camp for OL, tell all the UFA OL to show up cause they might get a job. I'd keep all the rest of our young guys to fill the Guard position. I have issue's with Rabach getting bowled over every game also so he might get cut as well.

TE) If Cooley comes out healthy I'd keep him and Davis and bring in an UFA.

DL) I would say that we are still set at Defense, but there are some changes I'd make. Move Orakpo to DE along with Jarmin. Pick up some UFA's to fill in the spots I took from Griffin and Daniels.

LB) Draft or Sign a SLB (keep Wilson as back up) and MLB (if we cut Fletcher).

CB) Try to keep Rodgers, plan on starting all the young guys and bring in some more.

S) Should be set. Landry, Doughty, Horton, and Moore. Maybe look for a practice squad guy in case someone gets hurt.

Obvious changes: Fire Cerrato and hire a true GM. Give him cart blanch to hire a HC and allow the HC to hire his own staff. Because the Defense is ranked top 5 last few yrs I might even leave the Defense alone 1 more yr before I cut all the old guys. Maybe fixing the offensive side of the ball this first yr and work on Defense next yr. Then yr 3 fix the remaining problems and hopefully we are a contender.
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Old 11-13-2009, 12:25 AM   #38
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Re: who stays? who goes?

Originally Posted by CultBrennan59 View Post
QB: Brennan
WR: Thomas, Kelly, Mitchell
TE: Cooley, Davis, Yoder
LG: Dockery
C: Rabach
RG: Edwin Williams
RT: Stephon Heyer (Backup), Levi Jones (depending on how he does)

DE: Jarmon, Lorenzo Alexander
DT: Haynesworth, Gholston,
OLB: McIntosh, Orakpo (should be at DE), Chris Wilson
MLB: Fletcher, Blades, Henson
CB: Hall, Barnes
S: Horton, Doughty, Moore

Trade them or keep them:
RB: Portis, Betts
WR: Moss, Randle El
DE: Carter
DT: Montgomery
CB: Rogers
S: Landry

The rest can just be gone with.
I like your scenario also. Maybe it's just me but I don't really like Rabach. I keep hearing how he's getting run over or not blocking his man. Maybe it's cause he's trying to help out other OL but I think we need an upgrade at Center. Maybe it's Edwin Williams...I don't know.
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