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Week 10: Around the NFL - Manning vs. Brady Edition

Redskins Locker Room

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Uncle Phil
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Re: Week 10: Around the NFL - Manning vs. Brady Edition

Brady Quinn needs a change of scenery for any shot at success...and a TE like Kellen Winslow wouldn't hurt either. With Thomas, Steinbach, and Mack manning the left side of their line, it's sad that the Browns don't trust their offense to make plays.

But how about that illegal block Quinn threw on Suggs?
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Living Legend
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Re: Week 10: Around the NFL - Manning vs. Brady Edition

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
But how about that illegal block Quinn threw on Suggs?
I don't buy his excuse that he was going for the ballcarrier and hit Suggs in the process. I think he was just throwing himself in there hoping to assist in the overall making of the tackle.

The rules have been pretty clear about that being an illegal "block" for about five years now, but as a former quarterback, what the heck else am I going to do in an INT situation: get trampled by the convoy? It's still sort of a dumb rule. The blockers on the return aren't exactly defenseless.

Any time you throw yourself low at the legs of a player, you are risking a knee injury, so we can't act like we're shocked that this happened. He was rightfully flagged for the hit, but it was pretty much standard post-INT operating procedure.

On an unrelated note, no clue what Cleveland tries to do with their protection schemes. That's was a dreadful offensive performance from the quarterback to the right guard to the offensive quality control coach. Robert Royal? Are you guys serious? Carlos Rogers has better hands, I'm not even kidding.
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Re: Week 10: Around the NFL - Manning vs. Brady Edition

im revisiting this because the last 10 post are about how bad Quinn was,he looked pretty good against Dtroit,a lot better than JC did.Maybe he was just rusty,how many games has Quinn actually played?
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