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Tony McGee on Denver Game

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Old 11-20-2009, 12:11 PM   #1
Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee on Denver Game

Hello all,

Sorry that I missed everyone last week. Itís nice to be back here after the third win of the season for the Redskins. I honestly was not very surprised that the Redskins upset the Broncos; I had predicted they might win this game. I thought going into the game that the Broncos were on a little bit of a down turn, much like the 2008 Redskins. Even when you look at the two games the Redskins lost prior to this win, they have been playing better football; they have just given up big plays that have killed them. They gave up a couple more huge plays this week, but were able to keep Denver in check otherwise, and the offense came together for pretty much a full game and was able to put up 20 points and take advantage of opportunities.

Some people are asking, if the win is a negative for the Redskins at this point in the season, being 3-6? I have to say that all wins are positive, and I say that for a number of reasons. Right now in the NFC East, youíre mathematically not out of it at all. This division really has taken a step back as a whole. I mean hypothetically if the Redskins win this week, and the Eagles & Giants both lose, which I would say is definitely possible given their opponents, the Redskins are really right back in it. Itís a little crazy, and very unlikley, but if they can keep up the play they did against Denver, thereís no telling what could happen. Now, I can understand the argument that another ďclose call ď season could mean that things wont change in the off-season. However, the one thing I want to note is the guys who were on the field the second half of that Falcons game and the Denver game, youíre starting to see a lot of the younger, HUNGRY, guys playing. Does this team have a lot of work to do? Without question. However, if they were to go 6-2 or something like that the second half of the season, it would be with those younger, hungrier guys who might be making progressÖ which is really what we wanted out of Vinny Cerrato all along? Now, by no means am I saying this is going to happen, but you look at a win at this point in the season, I just donít see how it could be a negative. I think you want to wait and see what they do over the next three games or so, then go from there.

On the offensive line, clearly it was the best performance of the season. I was very high on Levi Jones performance; he was blowing guys off the ball, which is really the first time Iíve seen that this year. I believe his performance against Demarcus Ware this week will be the difference in the game, if he can keep him in check, the Redskins have a real chance to win this game. I though Chad Reinhardt was pretty good in his first game back, and as a 3rd rounder, Iím just worried about him getting some time and evaluating the talent to see just what needs to be done in the off-season. There is no question that this unit needs to still be upgraded in a big way overall. The health of Randy Thomas and Chris Samuels long term is such a huge question mark, that even if some of the guys on last weekís starting line plan out on a long term basis, it still may only be in a backup role. Hopefully if these guys can grow a little bit more as the season goes on, it will at least give Washington some different options on how to address the line this off-season.
Taking a quick look at the defense, specifically the benching of Carlos Rogers, I agree with the benching of him after the mistake he made. However, I saw an awful lot of guys do similar things and not be sent to the bench for it. I just hope that Carlos is not being punished for his somewhat controversial statements earlier this season about the front office and how they put the team together. I just hope thatís not the case. I know the Skinsí are ranked #1 against the pass, but I still feel that this unit needs to play much better. I know he was injury prone, but I still feel that Shawn Springs was their best cover corner, and I think they miss him in the secondary. They have faced a lot of teams who are not very strong passing the ball, so I feel like that ranking could be somewhat inflated. In addition, that number is coming from one part of the Redskins that I have talked about for four years which has finally come around, and thatís the pass rush. Brian Orakpo has been absolutely outstanding for the Redskins, same with Andre Carter. The defensive line has been such a strong point, and the addition of Haynesworth has really made such a difference for them. They are getting pressure on the quarterback consistently, and that type of pressure ends up being the difference in some games, if they can finally put this whole thing together.

I think the Redskins have a real chance to beat Dallas, especially with how Dallas played last week. I think that team has come back down to earth a little bit. Iím really not high on the NFC East as a whole this year, and I think 9-7 might actually win the division. The schedules are starting to get a little bit tougher for these teams. Iím really looking forward to see if the Redskins carry the last 6 quarters of football they have played into Dallas this week and can come out with a win.

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Fire Bruce NOW
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Re: Tony McGee on Denver Game

Thank you Tony. I definitely agree about the hungry players. We need to see more of them whether we are playoffs bound or not.
Bruce Allen when in charge alone: 4-12 (.250)
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We won more with Vinny
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Re: Tony McGee on Denver Game

I agree w/about all he said. In fact I also threw it out in the 'what if we beat dallas' thread that 9-7 might win the division.

I think we should run right at D. WAre, make him work. He can play the run well, but if we can keep pouding for small reasonable gains we can slow him down by game's end. Tony mentioned the pass defense being a bit overated, but just as much a concern to me is the run D. I fear that dallas is going to get big days out of barber et al.
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