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Orakpo - - A Star in the Making

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Old 11-30-2009, 07:51 PM   #16
Fire Bruce NOW
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Re: Orakpo - - A Star in the Making

Originally Posted by CrazyCanuck View Post
I got SC's back... his thread last week was right on or at least not far off.

Did anyone think we would hold that 8-point 4th quarter lead? Didn't think so...
I just thought that the timing of last week's thread was off. It is a lot easier to make that argument about the defense this week rather than after a 7-6 game.

And, yes, in the fourth quarter this week I feared the seemingly inevitable 4th quarter defensive demise as SC chronicled.
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We won more with Vinny
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Re: Orakpo - - A Star in the Making

i love me some rak. im constantly watching him, when he lines up with both hands on the ground
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Old 12-01-2009, 12:32 AM   #18
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Re: Orakpo - - A Star in the Making

When the Skins get something right, I am perfectly willing to say they got it right. (Go and check and see that I said that the signing of Jeremy Bridges was a good one this summer because it was low risk with potentially high payoff. And would that the Skins had decided to keep Bridges instead of Batiste - - but that is another decision...) I happen to believe that the Skins have gotten far more personnel decisions wrong in the last decade than they have gotten right.

They reached a bit on Orakpo deciding to change his position especially since they had no 2md round pick. If that had not worked out, they would have been behind the eight ball worse than now. But they got it right and Orkapo is getting better game by game by game.
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Re: Orakpo - - A Star in the Making

They took the player with the higher ceiling. Given that this team isn't nearly as good as the FO thought it has ended up being the right long term pick. I think they maybe lucked into it a tiny bit. I do believe they had Rak properly evaluated but I also think they had Oher rather underrated. At least that makes sense to me because the need on the Line was so obvious it would have required that the player they took over a supposed OL standout had to be massively better. Either we got a stud and something to be happy about.
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