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Report: Shanahan in Talks with Redskins

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Re: Report: Shanahan in Talks with Redskins

Are some people seriously suggesting that a fired head coach come back to the same team as a quarterbacks coach? You have got to be fucking shitting me.
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Re: Report: Shanahan in Talks with Redskins

Originally Posted by SBXVII View Post
This came from NFP National Football Post;

So if the team which is 6-7 has a bad finish, perhaps the owner fires the HC which makes him available for Shanahan and the Skins.
I really like Kyle Shanahan. He's an excellent play caller and I'm sure he'll be in Washington If Mike is our new coach. The future is looking very bright for the Skins.
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Re: Report: Shanahan in Talks with Redskins

This was from NFL.com in regards to Kubiac's future. Notice the team was 5-7 when it was written so they've won a game.

Texans coach Kubiak's job could be at stake down the stretch

I read he was hired in 2006. Presuming he coached the 2006 season he's been there 3 yrs. I wonder when his current contract ends? Other then that he could simply say I resign and walk away to most likely get a better pay day with the Skins as OC.
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Re: Report: Shanahan in Talks with Redskins

I think this was posted elsewhere but I found some things interesting:

Redskins start their search for a new head coach; Gray interviews

numerous coaches and executives expect Mike Shanahan to take over for Jim Zorn as head coach shortly after the season ends. Shanahan has been working out of an office in Denver, reviewing film and contacting potential staff members for weeks, according to sources, and Snyder is focused on the former Broncos coach taking the reins in Washington.
Shanahan could look to hire several members of the Houston Texans' staff should coach Gary Kubiak be let go, with Shanahan's son, Kyle, among those targeted. Bob Slowik, Shanahan's former coordinator in Denver, is virtually certain to have a role on defense, according to league sources, and Jim and Jeff Goodman, who worked on personnel with the Broncos, remain closely aligned with the coach as well.
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Re: Report: Shanahan in Talks with Redskins

I know, I know this from PFT;

Another team enters the Shanahan chase
Posted by Mike Florio on December 19, 2009 4:39 PM ET
With the Redskins trying to reel in Mike Shanahan, we're told that another team has commenced the pursuit of the free-agent coach.

The identity of the team currently isn't known, but it's our understanding that the team in question is battling for a playoff berth, and that the team is concerned that, if the team waits until its season ends, it will be too late to make a serious play for Shanahan.

Two playoff contenders that immediately come to mind are the Texans and the Cowboys. The rumor mill has linked Shanahan to both teams.
I wonder if the other team/teams realize the lock was Shanahan told Buffalo that he and Allen were to be a package deal. We locked up Allen.
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Re: Report: Shanahan in Talks with Redskins

could be a ploy to get what he wants? more money/ more control
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Re: Report: Shanahan in Talks with Redskins

I'm going to lock this thread. Not because there's anything wrong with it. But because we have two almost identical threads going here and it's probably easier to just shut one down. So I've randomly chosen this one
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