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Lewis & Reed

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Re: Lewis & Reed

Originally Posted by Zerohero View Post
You crazy.
Holy shit! That is the most compelling piece of information that I've heard this decade. Tell me, where did you go to school... Harvard? I already know that I'm crazy, what you cannot tell me is that I'm wrong.
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Re: Lewis & Reed

Originally Posted by Zerohero View Post
You crazy.

Best post of 2010 (so far), you got a long way to go buddy but it may just hold up.

If you read it with a Mexican dialect, it is hilarious.
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Re: Lewis & Reed

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
And I asked are Ray Lewis and Ed reed the best players to ever play their positions? I'm only 23 so I really never saw lott or LT play in their primes, but there is no doubt in my mind that in the 17 years that I've watched football that Lewis is the best LB I've seen. He is simply dominant, and as far as reed goes.. He has got to be the best playmaking safety ever. I just wanted to discuss something different ( plus I'm bored). What do you all think?
Its hard to say the best ever.
But, Ray Lewis is one of the best LBs i've seen play.
He's been consistent, he's rarely hurt, he's made game changing plays, he's made big hits, he was a main cog in one of the NFL's best defenses, he's the pillar of an NFL franchise, and more importantly he's a great leader.

If i was building a defense and i could pick 1 MLB (in their prime) i would have to pick Lewis.

This play is quintessential Ray Lewis:
NFL Videos: Playbook: Ravens 4th-down stop

Now when it comes to Ed Reed i'm gonna agree with you, Ed Reed is the best FS i've ever seen. I think he has the most picks since he came into the league, he causes a bunch of fumbles, and he's outstanding PR

Just this year he made 2 of the best interception's i've ever seen from the safety position.

These 2 plays clinch it for me:
Against the Colts-listen at the 6:13 mark

NFL Videos: Playbook: Colts vs. Ravens recap

And this play was just sick, he starts running a dead sprint before Carson even makes the throw! He caught the int in stride and ran it back for 6 awesome...
NFL Videos: WK 5 Can't-Miss Play: Reed puts up points

And one thing that both players hang their hats on?
Film Study!
No longer were NFL coaches dealing inflexibly with spread [QBs] in ways that caused stunted development for players like [A. Smith and Vick] now, the idea is to bring what the quarterback can do, and what he should do, together as an organic whole
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