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Landry for Rhodes?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 01-27-2010, 12:29 PM   #46
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Re: Landry for Rhodes?

Not a good idea. We really had an under performing coaching staff. It was embarrassing at times last season.
Landry has the skills to be a stud safety in the NFL once he is properly coached up by a qualified staff and put in the proper scheme. It would be a big mistake to unload him because of one really bad season. Landry's problems can easily be corrected with time and patience.
What interested me more in this article was Lito Shepard being available. He would be a great replacement for Smoot (nickle back CB) who is getting long in the tooth. With no cap this year you can front load a contract to get him and not pay the price when the cap returns the following year. I am ok with keeping Smoot as a nickle/dime Safety, but he does not have the speed to be an every down CB.
We need insurance at CB in case Kevin Barnes and Justin Tryon do not pan out, which up to this point they are not yet there.
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Old 01-27-2010, 04:15 PM   #47
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Re: Landry for Rhodes?

Originally Posted by CultBrennan59 View Post
A) Is Horton going to be our starter next year at FS or LaRon?
B) Is Rhodes a better FS than LL?
C) If A & B are true, than lets trade Laron for him and a few picks
D) It's prefectly fine if we don't do C) because we have LARGER needs at other positions, safety we have depth, especially at SS
horton at FS? I don't think so lol
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Old 01-27-2010, 04:17 PM   #48
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Re: Landry for Rhodes?

I think that Landry just needs to be coached up and let a bit more free. I don't doubt that the sentiments from the Tom Friend article about db's/s's still reign true in which they have too much to think about beforehand. We saw it happen with ST until he basically got free reign as well.

I wouldn't mind having Rhodes or picking up Clark in the offseason, maybe Sean Jones from the Eagles, but I don't think that Landry has reached his peak by any means. I couldn't see this trade happening either way, but stranger has happened I suppose.
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Old 01-27-2010, 04:26 PM   #49
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Re: Landry for Rhodes?

Originally Posted by over the mountain View Post
landry got exposed this year on double moves, etc just like hall, rogers and smoot.

what i dont understand about his lack of coverage skills this year is that last season he seemed to play the FS really well, taking away alot of deep balls while being isolated way back there to cover from sideline to sideline. and he was able to do it, with teams going less long ball imo last year.

then this year, he got schooled more than a few times. i read an article touching on this point. it said that at first he was told to stay back and not let anything behind him (like he did last year). then he was told to play aggressive and watch/play the reciever and not the ball/qb. this lead to confusion on what he was supposed to do.

i tried to find the article but couldnt, it came out a week or two ago. but it really addressed the most plausible reason for landry lack of cover skills this year.

as for his tackling, he needs to do a better job and stop trying to hit stick everyone.
man i wish i could find that article.
I saw the same one, if I come across it I'll link it up
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Old 01-28-2010, 03:12 AM   #50
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Re: Landry for Rhodes?


Rex Ryan would take Landry... YOU KNOW WHY?...
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