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What do you guys think about all this New Protection Rules

Redskins Locker Room

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What do you guys think about all this New Protection Rules

This week a few new rules to protect the players are gonna be presented and maybe passed.. The most stupid in my point stopping a play because a player loses his helmet..

How many time we See players not even strapping their helmet there's some lineman that lose them almost every play and if I was a defensive player I would never strap my helmet f that rule came imagine Felix Jones brakes to he has the whole field open and ohh ohh the refs blow the whistle a Dlineman lost his helmet in the shuffle sorry the play doesn't count.... well it's second down we can try that again...suuure

All this rules to protect the players now with the concussions I believe it's the biggest bull I've ever seen I don't see in nay other contact sport so many rule changes to the game every year as we see in the NFL... I know they say it's to protect the players but C'mon it's a violent sport that's why we love it every year it's becoming a more sissy sport next thing you know it it's going to become Baseball... or worse FLAG FOOTBALL.

The people that play this sport know it's a violent sport, know they will have some injuries for the rest of their life that's why they get paid millions to do it and now the players, owners and everyone it's saying no n owe still want to get paid millions but leave the contact out of it.... I swear all this rules it's like we would put helmets to boxers because we don't want them to suffer a concussion and we would put rules of how many punches a boxer can take in a match before we have to stop to so he doesn't suffer any permanent damage.

When society became such a bunch of pussies.. they get paid to play a violent sport heck I did it for 15 years and nobody paid me a dime and loved it... every player knows the risk and do it because they know will get paid a lot of money... like fisherman that go to Alaska where they know at least 1 member of the crew is going to die per trip... not have knee problems or arthritis FREAKING DIE and they do it because well they get paid a lot to risk their life so you can get Alaskan Crab in your buffett... don't want to get injured well look for another job but don't change the sport we all love.
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Re: What do you guys think about all this New Protection Rules

http://www.thewarpath.net/redskins-l...play-when.html (Competition Committee proposals: end play when ball carrier's helmet comes off & sudden death overtime)
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