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Donovan McNabb: The New Face of The Redskins

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 04-27-2010, 05:22 PM   #136
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Re: Donovan McNabb: The New Face of The Redskins

We're lucky to get DM; I don't know what the Iggles were thinking. And we could've had much more if Coach Gibbs and Vinny from Notre Dame hadn't thrown away so many of our draft choices away. What a waste! Plus I still can't get over the fact that we sent Champ Bailey PLUS a #2 draft choice for a big mouth running back. Champ is a future hall of famer. Oh well, over the last couple of months I've learned that CP is smarter than Haynesburger. CP knew he better come to the non-mandatory OTA's. Haynesburger still hasn't learned that he's not the coach.
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Old 04-27-2010, 05:44 PM   #137
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Re: Donovan McNabb: The New Face of The Redskins

Nice post 44ever.

My favorite line in that rambling post you referred to was "I have watched every game McNabb has played and he is not the "Superstar" the rest of the country thinks he is. They only show you his good plays, which is about two out of 10 passes."

As if all those national Philly games we've all seen were somehow edited down for all us outside of Philly so all we saw was a McNabb highlight reel
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Old 04-27-2010, 05:47 PM   #138
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Re: Donovan McNabb: The New Face of The Redskins

nice stats, though prepare for someone to mention that the dated ones are from 5 years ago and older.. also having watched him a bit, though not as much as others, just because I love divisional football.. he's not perfect, does make some of the mistakes we've hated others for (balls at the feet, etc) he's a very smart QB and has lead a team for years, through thick and thin

something tells me that his only good games weren't just the ones that I watched
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Old 04-27-2010, 05:47 PM   #139
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Re: Donovan McNabb: The New Face of The Redskins

44...STOP using your well contrived logic and facts!!!!
THAT dog won't hunt........here
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Re: Donovan McNabb: The New Face of The Redskins

over/under on dogsofwar career post on here? I am saying under 2.
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Old 04-27-2010, 06:59 PM   #141
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Re: Donovan McNabb: The New Face of The Redskins

Originally Posted by 44ever View Post
NFL's all-time QB career INT percentage:
Neill O'Donnell------------3229------68------2.11
Donovan McNabb------3732------79------2.12
Mark Brunell--------------4594------106-----2.31
Jeff Garcia----------------3300------77-------2.33
Tom Brady----------------3642------86-------2.36
*min. 1500 attempts
Holy cow, we need Brunell back to be the backup!
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