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More Questions for Matt Bowen

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Re: More Questions for Matt Bowen

Originally Posted by over the mountain View Post
before i submit my question, which i think is kinda lame but its been a lingering question ive had since the play happened.

can anyone tell me when this game happened/date:\

Skins playing panthers. bowen is a starting safety. wr steve smith wasnt known as a superstar yet.

close game, panthers have the ball with a few minutes left trying to either tie or go ahead.

delhomme throws a long ball to steve smith who, as he is catching it, is absolutely drilled by bowen. some how steve smith hung on to the ball. smith got up and did one of those brush my shoulder off moves. right then and there, i was like who teh hell is that guy, hes going to be a beast.

my question to matt bowen, after i figure out the right game, is whether he remembers that play and what he thought the seconds after he absolutely drilled steve smith but steve still made the catch.

can anyone help me figure out what game that was? ive tried internet searches but havent come up with anything referencing to that play or youtube clips.
November 16, 2003

NFL Game Center: Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers - 2003 Week 11

Steve Smith was already comming into his own. It was the 2003 season that got him his contract to be the highest paid WR on the Panthers. The season prior to that he had 54 catches for 872 yards for a 16.1 YPC.
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Re: More Questions for Matt Bowen

Thanks alot fellas. It was nov 16, 2003 in a 20 to 17 loss to the panthers.

my question if im not late again:

On November 16th, 2003, you had 5 tackles, 1 interception and 1 forced fumble in a Redskins' 20 to 17 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

One of those tackles came with about 2 and half minutes to play in the 4th quarter, with the Redskins leading teh game 17 to 13. Carolina and Jake Delhomme had the ball at our 37 yard line.

Delhomme threw a 30 yard completion to a then relatively unknown wide receiver named Steve Smith at our 7 yard line. On that play, you absolutely blasted Steve Smith as he was in the act of catching the ball. Somehow Steve Smith maintained possession, got up and did the "brush my shoulders off" move.

Do you remember that play?

Did you think your only hope of dislodging the ball from Smith was to blast him?

What went through your mind immediately after blasting Steve Smith but realizing he held onto the ball?

Knowing that you were coming off a concussion one week prior to that hit, if you had the chance to go back, would you have just wrapped up Smith and conceded the catch at our 7 yard line or would you do what you did, which was sacrifice your body to a train wreck collision knowing it was the only way to possibily jar the ball loose and negate the completion?
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Uncle Phil
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Re: More Questions for Matt Bowen

Get all your questions in by 8pm EST tonight.
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Re: More Questions for Matt Bowen

The high cost of concussions | National Football Post

Iíve had that, with the knockout and the all-night vomiting. And I had one in 2003 with the Washington Redskins when I collided with Seattle fullback Mack Strong on our own goal line with a 20-yard sprint behind me from the other hash. We both fell back. I put a hand up and went to the sideline during the opening minutes of the first quarter.

The next tackle I made, on Seattle wide receiver Koren Robinson, was pure luck. He just happened to be standing in front of me, so I tackled him.

That was late in the second quarter. I had no idea how I got there. I threw a hand up again and finally realized where I was -- in the locker room, with a sweatshirt on and an assistant trainer sitting with me. It was the fourth quarter.

Amnesia, they said, the result of a blow to the head.

I started and played the next week at Carolina, and played well ó until the fourth quarter when I hit Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith on a post route. My head vibrated inside my helmet. I was foggy, discombobulated, and felt like vomiting again.

But it was my choice to be out there. I was in charge, and I told the training staff I could play. No one forced me back onto the field, but at the time, I was a starter -- and I wasnít going to lose that over a concussion.

Dang, i think i already got my answer. that hit/impact was so freakin vicious, that why its always stood out to me. matt knew the kind of train wreck collision he was in for but sacrificed his body and mind anyways. thats just the kind of hard nosed, sacrifice his body for the better of the team type player he was. never knew he was coming off a concussion one week prior. i vaguely remember the mack strong helmet to helmet incident the week before.

i see alot of reed doughty in him. not the most athletic player on the field but smart and willing to sacrifice his body to make the bone jarring hit if the need arises.

ps - 1 more thing. smith was in front of him and kinda made a jump as he corraled the ball. matt could have easily let smith fall to the ground or decide to take an angle on smith and wrap him up. but it was the last 2 minutes in a game we were up by 4 and the other team was driving on us. it was a crucial play. matt chose to go head on, taking a direct angle into smith in hopes of jarring the ball loose with a vicious hit. matt could have easily doen other things to ensure the tackle (smith was in the process of falling down anyway), but making a full steam direct hit was the only hope of jarring that ball loose. if it was a different player, i think you would have seen him not take such a risk for the team.

with 2 minutes to go, i want players like matt bowen out there. hungry players.
Life is brutal, but beautiful
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Re: More Questions for Matt Bowen

Mr Bowen

Could you see the Skins looking like the Shanahan Broncos his last three years there or should we expect more? What differences might his newer staff provide?
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Re: More Questions for Matt Bowen

What happened to Chris Horton? Why didn't he play much last season? Will we see more of him on the field this coming season?
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