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Malcolm Kelly possible cut?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 06-29-2010, 03:33 PM   #61
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Re: Malcolm Kelly possible cut?

Originally Posted by Mechanix544 View Post
Seems like the arguement for just "One more season" of evaluation always trumps anything else. Good players, and especially ones that are destined to be great, excel no matter the situation. Who gives a shit you have a shitty coach, produce. Run your routes, show us your potential. Lack of good coaching is no excuse for lack of production or at least a glimpse of production.
Using that logic, scrubs like TO, Steve Smith, Roddy White to name a few would have been cut or never seen the field under your regime. Sometimes it takes players, especially like Thomas who played one year of major college football, some time to 'get it'. There's a reason that the benchmark for receivers is three years. Sure, there are some that accelerate that curve, but they are not the norm.
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Re: Malcolm Kelly possible cut?

Think about this, remember when Moss said giants DB's knew there routes. Now if Moss who is a veteran can't shake these DB's who knows what routes their running do you really think MK & DT will be able to disguise/lose DB's it takes time we had a BS coach & WR coach.

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Re: Malcolm Kelly possible cut?

Whatever...maybe calling them busts given the circumstances is a little raw. Would they make the starting lineup or even regular backups on the Giants, Eagles, or Cowboys? That's a better question.

It's time for them to nut up or to get out of Washington b/c if they don't perform this year, they are complete and utter BUSTS!!
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Re: Malcolm Kelly possible cut?

Originally Posted by Mattyk View Post
Well, they've got 2 years under their belts. Still premature to totally write them off. As rookies I think they were both underprepared mentally and physically. In year 2 we saw a little more from each, but considering the kindergarten type of offense Zorn was running and the overall organizational dysfunction, I'm willing to give them a pass, well sorta.

Either way, this is definitely a critical year for both. Now there are no excuses. We've got a legit HC and OC, an improved OL and QB. Time for them to produce, no doubt.
I think the "no excuses" attitude works both ways in that: if we're going to keep them on the roster for this year and give them touches, we can't then excuse the plan at the end of the year if they don't produce as "just wanting to see what we had in them." The 3rd year receivers who have breakout seasons are the ones who have inspired confidence in their coaches over the first two years (like Robert Meachem).

If there's no confidence in one or the other, it'd be pretty inexcusable to wait them out through this year to see what they can become. We should play the best receivers on this team which really doesn't have a young player in their first two years to push into the lineup. So I would probably release either Kelly or Thomas if I didn't feel good about putting them in the starting lineup.

With that said, I've seen enough from Moss over the last two years to know that he should (theoretically) be behind both Kelly and Thomas on the depth chart. So there's plenty of opportunity for the 23 year olds if they want to get their act together and score some touchdowns this year.
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