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TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

WP: How is the transition coming with the switch to the 3-4?

RD: The transition for the Safeties is not that drastic. We are asked to play a lot more coverages and schemes but that has more to do with Coach Haslett's mentality than it does switching to 3-4. The 3-4 affects the DE/LB guys and the other Defensive line up front.

WP: Do you see yourself playing strong safety or free safety this year? Does that difference matter to you?

RD: I am listed at Free Safety right now battling Kareem Moore for the starting position. But all that can change in a heartbeat: injuries, cuts, trades, who knows? I feel confident playing both positions, and have done both in the past. To be honest, there really isn't a huge difference. You won't see the drastic difference that you saw in the past, it really is more of a label the media puts on it.

WP: Recently some Redskins greats who helped make this franchise what is have been asked to be a part of the teams rebirth. How do the current players feel about having them back? Is there any one former player that you connected with that you never met before and what was the connection?

RD: It is awesome that Bruce Allen along with Dan Synder, are really putting out the effort to make the Alumni feel welcome. As a current player you want to be able to talk with some of the Redskins greats and learn about what it meant for them to be a Redskin. To hear what the playoff and Superbowl runs were like, and how we can get back to that.

I think it is always important to remember who came before you and how they made the game what it is today. When I am done playing I want to look back and see that I was apart of something special. And for the older guys I think it is really important that they feel an ongoing connection to the team. Every time I meet an older Redskins fan they remind me I am wearing Pat Fishers number. I was able to meet him at his book signing a couple of years ago and that was pretty cool. He was a tough guy and a real competitor, and is the type of guy I like to model my game after. Once a Redskin, always a Redskin!

WP: Your press conference with the media following Sean Taylor's death still gets to me, especially toward the end when you choked up and said "it's real" What sort of pressure did you feel stepping into his starting spot? What did you learn from Sean Taylor when you played behind him, during his last couple years with the Redskins?

RD: I felt an enormous amount of pressure. Everyone knew how special a player Sean was and every Redskins fan loved him. He had abilities I had never seen before and haven't seen since. There was a huge weight on everyone's shoulders trying to carry the loss of a loved teammate. It really helped pull us together and compete as a team and that is why we had success that year. I just put my faith in God that he put me in this situation for a reason and just tried to be me. There is only one Sean Taylor so I wasn't coming in trying to replace him, I was merely trying to be the best safety for the Redskins I could be. One thing I learned from Sean was confidence. Sean had all the confidence in the world that he was gonna make a play and get the job done, and he was really humble about it. Another thing, a lot of times guys with rare abilities don't work as hard because they are so much more talented than everyone else. Sean was one of the hardest working guys I know. He would take his practice reps and then even take practice squad reps at corner if we were short on guys or if he wanted some extra work.

WP: How hard is it for you being hearing impaired and keeping your job while others have the advantage of hearing signal calls while you're on the field?

RD: Having a hearing loss can be extremely frustrating. However, everyone has adversity that have to deal with.

It is probably more frustrating in meetings, and just interacting with the guys. Luckily I play defense and react to the ball being snapped, I don't have to hear a snap count. Also, being a Safety everyone is usually in front of me so if they want to talk to me they have to turn around. I don't usually have guys yelling at me from behind. Being a Safety also means we make the calls, and I study and try to anticipate call changes, and defensive changes so I can make the calls instead of having to be told. The biggest help is how loud our fans are for opposing offenses. It is so loud, no one can really hear so we use hand signals most of the time anyway. I am upfront with the guys and they have really helped me make sure I get the calls. I have told London in the huddle "if I can't see you, I can't hear you." He will usually give us the call and reiterate it with the hand signal if I ask for it again.

WP: Can you talk a little about what Donovan McNabb brings to this team in terms of leadership and of course his abilities on the field.

RD: Donovan Mcnabb has proven year in and year out he is a great NFL quarterback and a great leader. He can make things happen with his arm and his feet. And a true sign of a great player is that they make the other guys around them better. I think people have a real sense of confidence in the offense that the next play could be a big one. He has guys excited about this year.

WP: If you weren't playing football, what would you be doing? Any plans for life after football yet?

RD: If I wasn't playing football I may have went to graduate school to study physical therapy or continued in football with coaching. It is so hard to look past your playing days because it takes so much determination and focus to stay in the NFL. Even in our offseason I focus on things to get better, and trying to improve my game. Having said that, I am always meeting people and networking to keep my options open after football. I graduated with a degree in exercise science so I can see myself in the medical/therapy/athletic/performance realm. I also do a lot of public speaking for different organizations and could see myself doing a little bit of that.

WP: I know you a have a full plate with the Redskins and your family. When you do get solo time, how do you prefer to spend it? Any hobbies or activities you enjoy?

RD: Really enjoy spending time with my wife and boys. We love to go to the pool, zoo, baseball games, and generally anything outside. I recently picked up golf and am getting better. That is something I would love to share with my boys as they get older.

Some other interests I have besides golf is fly-fishing, snowshoeing, cycling, and tons of other outdoor pursuits that go with being a Coloradoan.

WP: What would you say are some of the biggest differences going from Gregg Williams to Greg Blache to Jim Haslett?

RD: I have enjoyed each coach. Coach Williams was very hard on me and at first it really got my confidence down, but I soon realized that was his way to see if you could handle the pressure. Once I proved I could not only handle but thrive under pressure he really lightened up. I have a lot of respect for Coach Williams. Both Coach Williams and Haslett are aggressive, blitzing, emotional guys. They aren't afraid to tell you what they think.

There are some similarities in the defenses also. Sean Taylor's death and our lack of experienced depth kind of made coach Williams abandon some of the aggressive style he was known for. Coach Blache was much more even keeled, not that he wouldn't get on guys, but he wasn't constantly riding guys. He is a great coach and I enjoyed playing for him. Its fun to play for a coach you know believes in you. Our defense was simple yet very sound under Blache, nothing crazy or gimmicky. Just play good defense and don't give up points.

WP: What's your take on the offense is there a nice flow starting to build or is it still a learning process?

RD: I think there is still a learning process on offense and defense. I did like seeing the offense stretch the field and see McNabb throwing the deep ball accurately. It is really hard to evaluate the offense because we don't have pads on. We obviously need to be able to run the ball well to set up the pass. We have the running backs and the pieces of the O-line are falling in to place. We'll just have to see how quick the offensive unit can mesh and really put together something special. With Mcnabb there is a newfound confidence. He has guys excited about the offense. As a defensive player that is huge. It is fun knowing they could score at anytime, and move the ball consistently.

WP: Thanks Reed! Good luck for the upcoming season and we hope to chat again soon!

Washington Redskins safety Reed Doughty will host an autograph signing session and silent auction at Johnstown Java James (3Js - 21 North Parish Avenue, Johnstown, CO) on Saturday, July 10. Doughty was a standout student/athlete at the University of Northern Colorado and Roosevelt High School. Proceeds from the event will be split between the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association and Johnstown Java Jams (3j's), both non-profit organizations that benefit local youth. The event runs from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. Silent auction will be closing at 8:30.

Cost: $10 per autograph, $15 for autograph picture
Feel free to bring your own items to be signed

Silent auction Items:
  • Autographed Redskins team ball
  • Doughty autographed helmet
  • Doughty autographed authentic game-worn Jersey
  • Doughty autographed gloves and cleats
  • Doughty autographed mini helmet
  • Donovan McNabb autographed football
  • Mike Shanahan autographed picture
  • Clinton Portis autographed football

RHS Alumni Association
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Wow, really solid answers, not a lot of, if any, fluff. Great solid Redskin. Many thanks to him for his time and his play!
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Contains football related knowledge
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Doughty is one of those guys whose jersey I would buy in a heartbeat. What a terrific person/role model for kids.
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Thanks for answering our questions Reed if you stop in to see your responses posted.

You are a great player and I love watching you play the game you love. I wish you the best of luck this year. Have a great season and enjoy the new regime!!
Just win.
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Thanks for answering. Really great answers.
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Outstanding responses Mr. Doughty. Thank you so much! We're all behind you and wishing you a great season. HTTR!
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

That was awesome. Great work Matty and Reed
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

GREAT Stuff! Thanx to Reed for taking the time and MK for setting it up. NICE to have "actual inside" slant on things.......
Goodbye Sean..........Vaya Con Dios
thankyou Joe.......
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Thank You, Sean.
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Really awesome stuff..

Thanks Reed.
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Thank you Reed and Matty! Maybe we can hook up again!
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Great, thanks Reed & Matty, training camp can't get here fast enough.

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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Thanks Reed.
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Great read, thanks for hooking that up mods. It's nice to hear more about the person wearing the helmet, I really enjoyed it.
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

Thanks Matty nice work. Reed really was open with answering the questions I hope we can get him to come back in the future.
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Re: TheWarpath.net: Reed Doughty Q&A with the fans

I have a gut feeling our Skins will be good again..................
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