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Randall Cunningham's 2-year-old son drowns in family hot tub

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Re: Randall Cunningham's 2-year-old son drowns in family hot tub

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
I was that kid in the pool once, if not for my cousin's quick actions I doubt I'd be here to post this. And it's not like I was alone. The whole family was with me, but all it takes is a couple of seconds of no one looking and tragedy can happen
Well glad that your cousin was there. My little brother was that kid too and I was the one that noticed. My mother and sister were down on the deep end and though I think that I was told to keep an eye on my kid bros outside of the pool, I was 10. My kid bro was 2 and leaned over and fell in.. I didn't even say anything, just swam over there as fast as possible and pulled him out of the water as he was about to hit the bottom (4 feet deep or so). Every time that I remember that it really messes with my head. He remembers it too.
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Re: Randall Cunningham's 2-year-old son drowns in family hot tub

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
I second all the stories of kids getting into stuff, getting out of secure places, or just plain getting into trouble even when supervised. As a parent, you just can't child-proof the world. It takes just a moment - even with things you think are routinely okay.

About a week ago my son (7) was going down the steps - long, narrowish stairwell, hard wooden steps, does it every morning. That morning he is in front of me, chatting away, joking with me, and missteps on the top step. He is three feet away, just out of reach and, as if in a bad dream, I watch him tumble (literally) down the steps in slow motion, banging his head, going at crazy angles before coming to a rest at the bottom. He came out of it scared, shaken up but with only a couple bruises. Scared the living crap out of me!

The death of child is about the most traumatic thing that can happen to a couple. For their sake, I hope Randle and his wife find the strength to deal with this together.
Scary! Glad to hear he came out basically safe!
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