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Football Outsiders Picks Redskins to Make Postseason

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Re: Football Outsiders Picks Redskins to Make Postseason

The more the Redskins sign new players to one year deals, the more I'm ok with what they are doing. Keep it short and make 'em prove they are worth a long term deal. (gotta prove it first)
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Re: Football Outsiders Picks Redskins to Make Postseason

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
Well, using common sense would work just fine.

No one is putting us ahead of those teams, necessarily, and 9 wins probably isn't going to take the division. But, if we can reach that point, we'd most likely move ahead of somebody, and probably two teams.

I just don't know if the roster is good enough to reach first place in this division yet, which is the same boat that the Giants are in. They, like us, are hoping for rebound years from lots of underachieving veterans. Philly is doing the young thing, again, and according to the FO projections, that puts them on level footing with us, albeit with an arrow pointing up instead of down.

That leaves just Dallas as someone that should, in theory, still be way ahead of us. Their argument that Dallas is going to be the non contender in this division is far from persuasive, IMO, but Dallas builds their team just like we do: good success on first round draft picks and lots of money spent in free agency without much of an eye on player development. Records aside, we've more or less alternated being better and worse than the Cowboys since 2003, so it's not unreasonable for the roles to flip in 2010 and us to beat them twice again.

I think we're at a bunch of disadvantages in Week 1, of course. Dallas is likely to be a much better team that week than later on in the season. Of course, the same could be said about this team.

Anyway, it shouldn't be hard to believe that we're even with Philly and ahead of NYG in projections because neither of those teams has improved much since last year. The gap between us and Dallas was far greater, and so if they fall from first to last, it makes it a lot easier for us to contend for a division title.
I think you could say we're even w/ Philly. That seems like a fair statement. But I'd still say NY and Dallas are ahead of us.
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Re: Football Outsiders Picks Redskins to Make Postseason

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
I think you could say we're even w/ Philly. That seems like a fair statement. But I'd still say NY and Dallas are ahead of us.

If you're not going to substantiate your statements, why bother posting?
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Re: Football Outsiders Picks Redskins to Make Postseason

I would say the .... and I hate saying it but as a realist I have to... the only team in the division that looks better on paper right now is the Cowboys. BUT they have question marks to, and theirs is all along the offensive line. Their recieving corp , RBs, are better than us. On D I would say we are even, same with the QBs.

Now the Eagles I believe we are ahead of and the Giants I would put us right on par with them.

Of course if our Dline and Oline come out and dominate this year. I put us ahead of all three squads, and give us a great chance to win the division. Remember guys, The Redskins are not the only team in the NFC East who have a beast of a schedule. We all do, and we have a slightly eaiser schedule then the other 3.
Just win.
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Re: Football Outsiders Picks Redskins to Make Postseason

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
I'm not going to argue against the fact that holding onto a Cerrato 7th round draft pick probably wasn't going to make people forget about Jerry Rice anytime soon. This team won't have much trouble replacing the four catches Mitchell had last season. Bobby Wade can do that. Likewise, if they lost the 50 catches that Kelly and Thomas combined for last year, well, there's a veteran out there who can go out and replace that production in 2010. Owens = Thomas + Kelly.
And that's with a trio of 3 sub-par QBs throwing him the ball.
People can diss TO all they want but wouldn't mind seeing him on the roster.

I'm under the impression that Anthony Armstrong isn't really going to be given a fair shot to make the team. He's here because he can work with the Brennan/Bartel third team in camp, and work with Terrence Austin to return kicks in the preseason. Perhaps he can beat out that seventh rounder, but I think that if there's even a smidge of doubt, the benefit goes to the draft pick.
I would agree with if Shanahan wasn't the HC.
If there was ever a coach that will give an UDFA a fair shake its Shanahan.
If Armstrong comes to play he'll make the squad.

I really don't think it's outlandish to look at the moves made this offseason and point out that there hasn't been so much as a half hearted attempt to pick up some players who might be useful down the road based on raw physical tools. We opted for a small UDFA class because we brought in A LOT of players from around the league to win jobs in camp this year.
Maybe so, but i think we brought in a lot of UDFA because Shanahan has found talent their before and we disn't have a lot of draft picks to rebuild/retool.

As pointed out by many beside myself, we're not tied at the hip to any of the veterans we signed this year. We can part with every last one of them at the end of the year if we so choose.
Which makes sense to me because we should be replacing them via the draft with developmental players. Although i think Carriker/Kemo will stick.

I do sense the team is trying to develop Kareem Moore this year...I'm skeptical as to how much he can actually learn beyond picking up a new defense between years two and three, but I think they're trying to get more out of him than Gray/Blache did.
Blache always claimed to try to get Kareem on the field more often.
I think Moore is a developmental player that at a minimum can match the level of play that Doughty/Horton bring to the table.

I still think there's a lot of "starters" and "backups" in Haslett's defense (to say: they aren't really interchangeable). With select exceptions, Haslett will draft his own future starters over the next two years, and not try to turn backups into more than just role players.
I think Chris Wilson and Blades are starting level players given the opportunity. The DEs behind Haynesworth i view as starting caliber players: Carriker, Holiday, Daniels and Golston.

Haslett also seems high on Alexander and i don't think its just coachspeak.

If we focus on DL, NT in particular in the upcoming draft i think our defense can be steady for several years.
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Re: Football Outsiders Picks Redskins to Make Postseason

Fantasy-related article about the Skins on Yahoo! today. It's s joke though, the writer must be a bitter Eagles or Cowboys fan.

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