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Malcolm Kelly Injured During Hell Week

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Malcolm Kelly Injured During Hell Week

Kelly's body is never going to make it through an NFL season. He's always nicked up and never plays. He get's hurt in practice, when there is no hitting. WTF??
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Re: Malcolm Kelly Injured During Hell Week

Originally Posted by NYCskinfan82 View Post
I think one of the reasons Galloway & Williams are ahead of MK & DT is cause that's were they are right now & when they watch film they will see how the routes are supposed to be ran.

One thing about Shanahan, he'll usually lean toward the veteran. Especially at this time of year, and especially if he's trying to motivate the younger players, establish a new culture, and set the precedent that everything must be earned.

There really isn't much to gain at this point from putting Galloway down the depth chart. Dude's like a 15 year veteran, he's not going to fall for those games or feel threatened that his starting job is in jeopardy. He knows what his purpose is here. DT, on the other hand. Here's a guy in his 3rd year still waiting to break out and now some 38-year old WR is threatening to knock him down the depth chart? That should push DT to go that extra mile and really earn that starting spot.
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Re: Malcolm Kelly Injured During Hell Week

Originally Posted by Mattyk View Post
Extremely early as in one and 1/2 days of camp in the books, yes.

Shanahan is simply sending an early message that all spots will be earned.
The message I am hearing is one or both are in serious danger of getting cut leading up to opening game. We cannot continue the old Cerratto practice to holding roster spots for unproductive players. We do not have a deep squad and WR is a concern. It is not dire but it is not good either.
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