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Did Jerry Jones take a shot at McNabb?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 08-13-2010, 01:00 PM   #16
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Re: Did Jerry Jones take a shot at McNabb?

EH, I am a big gamble kind of guy so I would rather see us hit it big than keep it close. We have been keeping it close for years without rewards. You may see it as a shot at McNabb but I see it as a compliment to a man who is not afraid to risk it to go for the juggular.
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Re: Did Jerry Jones take a shot at McNabb?

I dunno.

I can't understand when some justified criticism is expressed at a Skin or the Skins and people go off on the messenger.

JJ is an Asshole, but here he is quite right. When DM is good he is very good, and when he is not on, he's not.

When Riggo said DM will never win a Super Bowl, he is almost certainly right.

If you look at his age and where the skins are now, it is likely he won't win one with us or any other team.

DM is good for 3-4 wins over the previous QB. From 4-12 we are likely to do not much more than 8-8. 9-7 if we are really lucky.

Next year? Maybe 11-5 IF we have a good year this year.

I have had season tix for over 10 years and would love to go to my FIRST home playoff game at Fedex field, but you have to be realistic

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Re: Did Jerry Jones take a shot at McNabb?

What I took from it was when the Eagles had McNabb at QB they were kill or be killed kind of games. That McNabb had the capability (when on the Eagles) to throw the knock out punch.

Kolb, on the other hand, doesn't have that ability (not yet at least). Instead he's a steady QB who will keep his team in every game and, to continue the boxing analogy, can win/lose games by decision.
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Re: Did Jerry Jones take a shot at McNabb?

:smashfreaOK, lets pretend Jerry Jones is a gentleman now and puts sportsmanship ahead of competition.
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Angry Re: Did Jerry Jones take a shot at McNabb?

Originally Posted by skinsfan_nn View Post
Who is Jerry Jones..? Ole the wrinkly old senile fcker that owns those pukes, who gives two shits!

We shall kick the shit outta your pukes week 1 jj, SKIN STYLE ass whippen comin up! FACT
amen to that i am going to have a ringside seat so i can see the look on jerrys face when romo gets smashed
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