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Week 1: Redskins vs. Cowboys, Game-Day Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 09-13-2010, 04:24 PM   #1096
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Re: Week 1: Redskins vs. Cowboys, Game-Day Thread

This win is bigger than the score or anyone's opinion on this teams performance last night imo...

#1)We got a Division win and a Conference win. (Didn't even win 1 division game last season)
And we did it in not,the 3rd game of the year...6th game of the season,but the opening game.
Winning just like losing can become a mindset for an organization. Sometimes,you just get used to it....
Do we have a lot to improve? Absolutely!! But we won,it was against dallas and this teams Confidence can at LEAST carry over against the Texans next week! (And it better!!) 1 game at a time guys!!
The 1991 Redskins team,is the greatest team of all time. Their average margin of victory is the greatest of all Superbowl winning teams! HTTR!!
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Re: Week 1: Redskins vs. Cowboys, Game-Day Thread

Flozell would have just leg whipped Orakpo. Either way we win.
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Re: Week 1: Redskins vs. Cowboys, Game-Day Thread

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
Shanahan press conferences aren't as exciting as Zorn's...but this Chuck Brown press conference is awesome!
Golly gee ah shucks.....we found a new way to lose, Zorn. I sure don't miss that excitement. To bad he wasn't a real HC. Anyway moving forward.

Now Mr. Shanny the new sheriff in town and the revised Redskin football team, just keep the WINS rolling!

Ugly WIN beats the hell out of an beautiful loss if there is such a thing!

1-0 BABY!
"There's no greater feeling than moving a man from Point A to Point B, against his will." #68

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Re: Week 1: Redskins vs. Cowboys, Game-Day Thread

Originally Posted by diehard View Post
I love it. Is Flozell working?
Steelers signed him when they lost Willie Colon.

Saw Flozell get hurt yesterday when watching the Steelers game.
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