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Rams Game Offensive Review

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Re: Rams Game Offensive Review

The Warpath doesn't have coaches film?
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Re: Rams Game Offensive Review

Good stuff as usual.

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
I like Lichtensteiger because his field presence is far superior to players like Casey Rabach and Jamaal Brown. He adjusts very well to things the opponent do, and he's really the best thing we've had on the interior since Pete Kendall in 2008.....The next move is Lichtensteiger as the long term replacement at center, and a new left guard next year, possibly Erik Cook?
Maybe, hopefully Corey can eventually replace Rabach this year.
I never understood how the FO considered letting Kendall go and signing Dock was something more then a lateral move when we had major problems at the RG and OT?
You know what elsed pissed me off watching the Ram's game?
Watching Jason Brown hold his ground and get push against our DL.
I still don't understand how the free spending Skins let Jason Brown go.

Shanahan apparently sat Clinton Portis down for most of the second half for not finishing a run in the first half.
I think Shanahan had to (essentially) bench Portis.
A starting RB cannot have that mentality.
Regardless the reason a RB cannot deny the team a chance for more yards.
By avoiding that last contact he denied the defense an opportunity to mess up and allow a long run. (think Moore on Jackson)
Imo what Portis did is negative indictment on his thought process as a runner.
I think it was Deion or Marshall Faulk said that a running back needs an empty pockets and a heavy heart.
Portis has neither and it shows, he looks like Shaun Alexander at the end of his career when he became known as the tip-toe burglar, he was running gingerly with the intent of finding a nice place on the grass/turf to lay down.
Imo that run should rightfully relegate Portis to a 3rd down (blocking) back until his 'hand' gets better and he wants to finish runs.

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Re: Rams Game Offensive Review

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
I should clarify that I like his preparedness. He comes into games each week with a new way to stretch a defense, and we've gotten big plays in the passing game every week. Sometimes it's simple stuff, sometimes it's complicated throwbacks, but he usually comes in with the right amount of protection to go down the field, which is to McNabb's benefit.

It's not just the lack of run/pass balance in the second half of games that frustrates me (now three consecutive games), it's the overall lack of balance in the passing game. We run a lot of very low percentage routes when we need to be running down the clock, and we ask McNabb to turn these plays into completions to keep the clock moving. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.

I was also frustrated at how he responded to Spagnuolo's ability to confuse McNabb. We didn't throw one screen at them in the second half (WR screens excluded here). We threw one TE screen at them on 3rd down and 8 following a penalty in the first half, which is a frustrating call because he should be able to anticipate that he's not going to be blitzed in that situation, thus, the screen call is ineffective needing as many yards as it did.

We get behind in the series by wasting first down plays, particularly in the second half. We don't necessarily need to run in those plays, but it's always 2nd and 10 or worse. I lambasted Jason Garrett for doing exactly the same thing two weeks ago. My primary complaint is that we're asking too much of McNabb to keep the offense on track, when there's 11 years of evidence to suggest that's not his strength as a player (I think he's doing a good job handling the responsibility though).
The lack of screens has been glaring over the years. The RBs are a non-factor in the passing game, yet other teams (Ravens, Saints, Titans, Chargers, etc.) routinely turn 5 yard passes to their RBs into huge gains. Made no sense to have LJ and Willie Parker in camp. They needed to find a complimentary pass-catching back with speed... not that they necessarily grow on trees
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