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2005 Question: Who benched Lavar Arrington and Why?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: 2005 Question: Who benched Lavar Arrington and Why?

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
What do you mean "they wouldn't do both" I don't follow
Restructure his contract in a way that would guarantee the some other players (Daniels, Griffin, can't remember the other one). He was trying to get their salaries guaranteed, while redoing his deal. They wouldn't do the guarantee for the other guys or couldn't do it, so he basically said i'll leave since it wasn't going all that great here, the other guys can stay.
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Re: 2005 Question: Who benched Lavar Arrington and Why?

56, you said...

Regarding the injury, from what i recall on the Jon Thompson show, he tried to come back to early and slipped on the wet turf and basically ended his season and ultimately his time in DC. There was a whole big story of why he left DC. Basically, other guys on the team came to him and said if he didn't restructure his deal then they would be cut and didn't want to leave DC. So he went to the powers that be and said he would rework his contract if these guys had guarantees worked into theirs. They wouldn't do it, so to save them from getting cut (and save him from playing under Joe) he decided to give back the money, leave and allow those other guys to continue their careers in DC.
I have never heard this rendition until now. I sure hope you heard this from some other player besides LA because this screams of Lavar taking a bad situation and turning it to his advantage. and... I'm talking about the players he was trying to save stepping up and saying yes we went to him about his contract. and perhaps J.Gibbs or Cerrato who was there at the time coming forward and confirming that LA simply wanted the other players to have guarentee's in their contracts if he lowered his money amount. Otherwise I can't believe this happened.

No offense but it sounds more like LA trying to grand stand his situation of having to leave the Skins. Which was more about his not playing in the position he was supposed to be in, in GW defensive scheme. I too believe LA could have been a bigger beast but that would mean the Skins developing their system around his abilities kinda like what the Titans did with Haynesworth.
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Re: 2005 Question: Who benched Lavar Arrington and Why?

Originally Posted by over the mountain View Post
if he had done his assignment, that runningback wasnt going to score on that play.

was that a 4th and goal for the game/lead with lil to no time left against the bucs?

of course, lavar didnt like playing/being assigned to mostly DE that year either.
I think you're mashing different stuff up, that 4th down where they could have kicked a FG to tie, but "went for all the marbles" was only a couple years back, I believe it was Allstot and Gruden's last season or second from last season, LA was definitely not in his rookie season playing DE mostly, or even in the league anymore.
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Re: 2005 Question: Who benched Lavar Arrington and Why?

I went on youtube to find a clip as i remember the broadcast crew went over it in slo mo and broke the play down. all i found was this 10 min segmented clips of the game.

it was 2005 and the bucs went for a 2 point conversion to take a 1 point lead late in the game. lavar was in on the play.
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