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Tony McGee on Eagles and Packers

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee on Eagles and Packers

Hello Everyone,

Good to be back after a win this week. I thought the Redskins played really well in the first quarter, and they were able to hang on for the win. I think it might have been a different outcome had Michael Vick been able to stay in the game; but the Redskins did a much better job trying to establish the running game and I think that ended up being the difference in the game for them. I thought Ryan Torrain played very well, and I think he can be a key player on this football team, if he can stay healthy. I still think they have a lot to work on, but itís much easier to do that after a victory.

How big of a role does emotion play in a game? To be honest with you, emotion really only lasts a few plays and a few hits. Itís much more of a pre-game type of thing ; once the game gets going, having the types of emotions that some of the players have kind of goes away. Itís a very emotional game, and emotion is a large part of that, but when talking about the type of emotion that a player like Donavan McNabb likely had last week, it goes away really early.

Whatís wrong with the passing game? Well they just need to find a receiver that can take up some space in the middle and be a go to guy moving the chains. They try to use their tight ends to fill that role, and sometimes it works nicely; but they have for years lacked a big time wide receiver that goes across the middle. Santana Moss was double teamed all game, and outside of a couple plays by Anthony Armstrong, you donít see anyone else really get involved at all. I think the Redskins could have actually benefited from a trade like the one the Vikings just had for Randy Moss, and thatís not the type of thing that I would typically say. They just need that type of a threat to open things up. I really think their passing game is one major player away from being really good. However, theyíve been looking for that piece for a long time.

My thoughts on the defensive personnel usage against Philadelphia? Not to sound like a broken record for the past 5 years, but I still think the pass rush from the front four is not good enough, period. While we donít have the players the Giants do, take a look at the Giants pass rush last week. They took over the game, and completely shut the game down. All the Redskins need to do is generate enough pass rush, where they do not have to blitz so much. When you have a couple quarterbacks like Aaron Rogers and Peyton Manning coming in here the next couple of weeks, the Redskins could get picked apart if they do not generate some better, consistent pressure on the quarterback.

My thoughts on McNabb going cold, and if he could be coached out of it? Thatís hard to say, because it has been pretty consistent for him. I would think that as he gets more acclimated to Washington, that could be something that changes and as he develops a better rapport with some of the players, it wouldnít be quite as bad. I didnít think McNabb played all that poorly last week; after the first quarter. He had a couple receivers drop sure touchdowns, and then had Anthony Armstrong fall down after a deep throw. Overall, this is a tough question to answer, because itís actually pretty odd how McNabb gets in those grooves.

My concerns with the long snapper? Iíll be honest, I have concerns with the entire special teams unit. Iím glad to see Hunter Smith is back, because Josh Bidwell has not played well all season. The snaps have not been great, thatís just a unit that is making too many mistakes right now. Theyíve made a major mistake in each of the first three games. The missed field goal almost cost them the game against Dallas, the blocked field goal did cost them the game against Houston, you had a blocked punt and a kick out of bounds against the Rams. That unit needs to do a much better job and help this team win games, and not cost them games.

Finally, my top team in the NFL at this point in the season? I donít think there is any clear cut one through four games. You look at a lot of teams and its hard to find a really great team. I thought New England was up there til the Moss trade, Green Bay has injuries, Indianapolis is struggling, Chicago and Kansas City donít seem to be for real to me. If I had to pick two teams right now that I think are the top teams in the NFL, Iíd have to go with Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Those are two teams who can play great defense, have been able to put up points, and have been the two best teams through the first quarter of this season.

Thanks again everyone,
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Re: Tony McGee on Eagles and Packers

As always your insights are much appreciated Tony!
Goodbye Sean..........Vaya Con Dios
thankyou Joe.......
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Re: Tony McGee on Eagles and Packers

Thank you so much for your thoughtful replies, Tony. I love your show, too.
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